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Castellon Port General Information 2018

Prevailing Weather

Winds: E/SE
Currents: natural flow southwest 0.5 knots

Distance from pilot Sta. to dock/anchorage

2,5 miles

Air Draft restrictions


Range of Tide & Maximum Current

Maximun tidal range 0,7 m.
Height of LWL referred to port zero -0,2m. and Height of HWL referred to port zero 0,5m.

Names, lengths, and minimum uninterrupted depths for all berths where cruise ships can dock

1. Prolongación Dique del Este: 350 m. long / 16 m. draught
2. Muelle Portsur: 500 m. long / 16 m. draught
3. Muelle Centenario: 800 m. long / 14 m. draught
4. Muelle Levante: 005 m. /8 m. draught

What is immediately adjacent to each of the above berths?

The exclusive berth for cruise ships has an area of 23 m. width where parking bus facilities, toilets, taxi area, a nice blue carpet for the disembarkation of passengers and a mobile tent facility for tourists to receive information are provided.

Bollard Spacing and bollard pull/strength (tons)

25 m. / 100 tons / 150 tons

Type and surface of dock

Well paved concrete pier, new, undamaged.

Pier Obstructions Heights, distances from the water’s edge, & linear locations

No pier obstruction
2,70m. – 3m. Distance from the pier to the water’s edge

Min depth of Anchorage

17,70 m.

Minimum Depth of Channel or Fairway to Tender Dock

17 m.

Fendering at Tender Berths

There are no fenders

Are local tenders available?


Distance from the port to the city center

4 km

Pier where passenger ships have priority


Location(s) of pilot boarding areas

Lat. 39º 57, 06’N
Long. 000º 04, 00’E

Estimated time from pilot station to dock/anchorage at max. speed allowed by port authority

10 minutes

Port Established Maximum Vessel Draft

14,65 m. (but can be increased to 15 m. in good weather conditions)

Tugs available

4 Tugs:
1st 2.550 H.P.
2nd 3.800 H.P.
3rd 5.500 H.P.
4th 5.072 H.P.
They are within the port with their own crew onboard (24 hours). They are not compulsory for cruise vessels.

How often are the depths checked at the berths?

It is regulated by an ISO certification, every two years.

Preferential berthing for Cruise?

Yes, always

How often are bollards tested?

Bollards are new (2 years old) and it exists a Plan of Revision.

Preferred side of ship alongside

It is up to master’s decision. Both sides are extremely comfortable at the entrance as well as at the exit.

Water Density (1.000-1.027)


Type of Bottom


Minimum Depth of Water at Tender Docks

15 m.

Type of Bitts/Bollards at Tender Berth


If available, is it mandatory to use them?


Maneuvering time

45 minutes

Pier suitable for wheelchair


Approach channel width & minimum depth


Minimum depth and diameter of turning basin

Draught at LWL: 16m. / Width: 450m.

Port Established Maximum Vessel Length

300 m. long at outer basin and south basin
160 m. long at inner basin

How far in advance do tugs have to be ordered?

1 hour

Which of the above berths are cruise ship terminals and which are commercial berths?

Number 1 (Prolongación Dique del Este) is an exclusive berth for cruise vessels, the rest mentioned berths are also commercial ones.

TYPE, Spacing &Width of Fenders

Shield fenders / every 25 m.

Type, Length and Number of Shore Gangways

There is no gangway

Height of dock water surface at: – High Water

– Low Water

High Water: 0,5 m.
Low Water: -0,2 m.

Secure Anchorage(s) Position (Lat/Long)

The area within:
39º 57,580’N 000º 03,110’E
39º 59,090’N 000º 03,970’E
39º 59,090’N 000º 04,440’E
39º 57,560’N 000º 04,440’E

Distance to tender dock from Ship Anchorage

1,5 miles

Number of tender berths (for 150 person ship tenders)

There are two ro-ro ramps at the Cruise Dock, that could be used as tender berths, but it is not common.

Height of tender dock above the water at low AND high tide

1,70 m.

Distance from the pier to the martime district of the city

1,5 km.

Pier protected from elements


Pier illuminated during darkness