A main priority of the Castellón Port Authority is to be recognized as a reference point in the Mediterranean for its proactive attitude, as well as its sustainability efforts. This
includes being a highly competitive port, marked by innovation.
In order to realize these goals, it is essential to establish a Management System based in the following principles:

  •  Ensure the total satisfaction of our clients and users by providing logistical
    services that are of value to them.
  • Integrate actions which will continuously improve all of our programs and
    services, informed by periodic reviews of the quality and sustainability goals, in
    order to contribute to the smooth operations of our Management Systems,
    including those concerned with Quality, Risk Prevention, and Environment.
  •  Establish channels of communication with all groups of interest, with
    regards to the environment, quality, and the safety of workers, supporting the
    implementation of management systems in other areas of the Port Community
    (operations, concessionaires, licensees, and bearing services).
  •  Commit to protecting the environment, focusing on the prevention of
    contamination, the protection of marine environment in the port, and all other
    areas over which we have influence.
  • Rational use of natural resources, optimizing consumption and applying
    criteria related to efficient energy and the prevention of climate change.
  • Promote the integration of the port in the city, and encourage the integration
    of the port into the social fabric of the city.
  • Respect and comply with relevant norms.
  • The involvement and awareness of all employees, coupled with total support
    from the directors of the company, is essential to the achievement of established
  •  The commitment of the company to the reduction and/or elimination of risk is
    absolute, as is the prevention of injury and compromised health in the
    workplace. This commitment extends to a promise to provide safe and healthy
    working conditions in an effort to prevent accidents, related to work and
    appropriate to the context of the organization and the nature of risks and
  •  The company commits meet with workers’ representatives in order to give the
    workers a means of participation.

This policy sets out the necessary framework for the establishment of objectives. The
direction of the company is committed to complying with the requirements and to
continuously improving efficiency in its management systems.