Environmental protection

Control of particle emission

Control of particle emission

PortCastelló promotes measures to protect the environment from the emission of particles into the atmosphere.

  1. One set of measures has been taken to prevent the spread of particles from lorries moving inside the port area. Inside the port the road system on the Ceramics quay in the north has been reorganised in order to minimise traffic in the loading area, since this is where lorry traffic creates more particle emission.The port police monitor lorries carrying solid bulks to ensure that the load is properly covered by a tarpaulin and that drivers respect the 30kph speed limit, since higher speeds lead to more loss of particles.
  2. PortCastelló has installed a system for washing the wheels of the lorries as they leave the Ceramics quay so that they do not drag particles outside the port. All lorries have to use this system.
  3. The new road access to the north basin improves road safety since it avoids the need for one thousand lorries per day to go through the town of El Grao, specifically Sardina street between the primary school and the sports centre. The environment has benefited form this change since it had reduced the emissions of CO2 by one thousand tons per year as well as saving transport companies 1.5 million kilometres per year thus substantially reducing contamination in the maritime district.

Since 2019 the Air Quality Network of the PAC has been made up of five measuring stations designed to provide continuous readings for particle emissions   PM10 y PM2,5. The instrument cabinets which are situated between the port and El Grao also record meteorological information.

Air Quality evaluation reports