Environmental protection



PortCastelló hosts species of outstanding ecological value and the Port Authority of Castellon is confident that port operations and environmental protection can thrive hand in hand. All our present and future developments will embrace sustainability and biodiversity.

Biodiversity conservation and promotion initiatives

  • Protection of the Audouin’s gull (Larus audouinii) colony. This species of gull is classified as vulnerable both nationally and regionally and has been nesting in PortCastelló since 2011, specifically from April to July. During the breeding season, PortCastelló teams up with the Wildlife Service and the Natura 2000 Network to safeguard nesting areas by restricting actions and the movement of people and vehicles. Every year, breeding pairs are controlled and chicks are tracked and ringed.


  • “PortSidonia”, a plant conservation and protection area. The purpose of this area at the South Dock is to conserve and recover the tree medick (Medicago citrina) species which is endemic to the Levantine-Balearic region and in danger of extinction. This onsite conservation measure in the Port of Castellon supports a new model for a sustainable relationship between port operations and nature.