PortCastelló lighthouses

Moll de Costa lighthouse

Moll de Costa lighthouse


Location: Moll de Costa

Description: white tower and building.

Light Color: white

Range: 17 nautical miles.

Active: from 1917 to 1971. Currently not in service

The project was drawn up by the Port of Castellón’s engineering Manager, José Serrano Lloberes, and was built with material from the Borriol quarry. It was first electrically powered in 1922 and was enterely madi in Spain, except for its optical system. This octogonal tower, which is made of carved ashlar masonry, was taken out of service in 1971 and, at the beginning of 2000, it was moved stone by sotne to the Costa Quay from its original location at the head of the Levante breakwater, where another lighthouse witha greater ranga was bulilt.