PortCastelló’s Lighthouses

Castelló Lighthouse

Castelló Lighthouse

Faro Castellón

National lighthouse number: 26940

Location: next to the East breakwater.

Description: White tower. Focal plane: 32 metres

Light color: white

Characteristic: D B 8s (one flash every 8 seconds)

Range: 14 nautical miles

Active:  since 1971

This ligthhouse was built in 1971 on the PortCastelló breakwater (now the Ceramic quay) to extend the range of the previous lighthouse, wich had been in the port since 1917. This structure is a reinforced concrete tower, with a diameter of 3 metres. In 2021, a decision was made to demolish the lighthouse and build a similar one at the NE end of the port, next to the East breakwater.