Lighthouse Awards

Lighthouse Awards

These awards are made with the idea of strengthening the sense of belonging to the Port Community of Castellón and of providing more information about nature of the port and its activities as well as providing recognition for work of special merit.

2021 Faro Awards Winners Dossier

Lighthouse Comunication Award: to the Sub-Directorate General for Publications and Cultural Heritage of the Defense Sub-delegation in Castellón

Lighthouse Social Commitment Award: to the #SomUjicontraCOVID campaign of the Universitat Jaume I

Lighthouse Culture Award: for the “Mar i Vent”

Lighthouse Environmental Protection Award: for Bulk Cargo Logistics S.A.

Lightouse PortCastelló Labor Safety Award: for the Castellón Maritime Captaincy

Lighhouse Business Initiative Award: for the technology company Cuatroochenta

Lighthouse Business Trajectory Award: for the Zamora family

Innovation Lighthouse Award: for Integral Shipping

Lighthouse Equality Award: for Elite Cementos,

Historic Lighthouse Awards