Lighthouse Awards

Lighthouse Awards

These awards are made with the idea of strengthening the sense of belonging to the Port Community of Castellón and of providing more information about nature of the port and its activities as well as providing recognition for work of special merit.

Call VII Edition Distinction Lighthouse Awards PortCastelló

The candidates selected for this edition are:

  • Lighthouse Communication. Media TV
  • Lighthouse Culture: Scale to Castelló
  • Social commitment: Cáritas Diocesana de Segorbe-Castellón and the Spanish Association against Cancer
  • Environmental protection: Consulmar
  • Occupational Safety: Remsa
  • Innovation: XarxaTec Active
  • Business Background: Raminatrans Castellón
  • Entrepreneurial initiative: Movement `I want a corridor´
  • Equality: Association Networking Directives Castellón


Historic Lighthouse Awards