Know your port

Know your port

The Port of Castellón is behind the initiative ‘Know your port’ which has the aim of strengthening the links between port and town and to make known the importance of the port as a provider of employment and a source of wealth.

In just the first year  PortCastelló has received visits from of 32 various educational institutions in the province. A total of 1000 students of all ages, from children in Primary school to sixth form and university students have been able to visit the dock and quays administered by the Port Authority of Castellón and enjoy a guided tour around the harbours. Neighbourhood associations have also taken advantage of the opportunity.

During their stay at the port, visitors learn some basic concepts relative to the way in which port functions as well as the types of traffic and vessels which pass through PortCastelló. They also receive information about measures being taken by the Port Authority to consolidate the position of Castellón as a sustainable port that takes care of the environment.

If you belong to an association or educational establishment and are interested in visiting the port of Castellón you can send us an email to this address: visitas@portcastello.com


You can download the brochures below: