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Port planning

Port planning

PortCastelló’s Infrastructure Master Plan was ratified by the Governing Board of the State-owned Ports Body in session 144 on 18 July 2006, according to the records in Article 36.3 of Law 48/2003 on the economic regulations and provision of services for Spanish ports.

This document details the planning and operations for the Port of Castellon, dividing its expansion and the layout of infrastructures into seven phases ending in 2027. The most important work to be undertaken according to this Master Plan was the construction of the new South Dock by building a breakwater with two berthing faces, and the extension of the North Dock’s outer breakwater. These works were completed in 2009.

 Infrastructure Master Plan (links in Spanish only)

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The first three phases of this Plan have now been completed, with the creation of the new South Dock and the construction of a new breakwater and two berthing faces. The most recent infrastructures brought into service by the Port Authority have been the East Breakwater and the dredging of the entrance channel for the South Dock.

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The amendment of the Port of Castellon’s Special Plan was approved by the resolution of 11 January 2005, of the Valencian Regional Ministry of Planning and Housing. This document sets out the Special Plan for the Port Authority of Castellon’s port service area. This amends and replaces the hitherto existing Special Plan approved in July 2000.

The Special Plan divides the service area into seven areas, depending on the usage assigned to each one. These uses are configured in accordance with those set out in the Castellon General Urban Plan for the implementation of activities around the city of Castellon. SeeCustomer Service (CS) section for more information.


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