Port Authority

Council of Navigation and Port

Shipping and Port Council

In accordance with Art. 34 of the recast text of the Spanish Law on State-owned Ports and the Merchant Navy (Royal Legislative Decree 2/2011, of 5 September), a Shipping and Port Council must be set up in every Spanish port to provide assistance and information to the Harbourmaster’s Office and the Port Authority Chairman. The procedures for the appointment and dismissal of its members and the frequency of its meetings are determined by each Port Authority’s Board of Directors.

Approval of appointments to the Port Authority of Castellon’s Shipping and Port Council (Spanish only)

Attendance at Council meetings is not remunerated.

Ex officio members of the Port of Castellon’s Shipping and Port Council

In representation of the Port Authority of Castellon

Manuel José García

Chairman (APC Director)

Antonio Velasco Gómez

Head of Operations Area

Isabel Campesino Sánchez-Vílchez

Head of Port Operations Department

Luis Oria Doménech

Head of Safety and the Environment

Ramón Balaguer Mellado


In representation of the Castellon Harbourmaster’s Office

Miguel Ángel Gómez


Alfredo Bango Casares

Maritime Safety and Inspection Coordinator

In representation of the Board of Directors

Vicente Martínez

Valencian Regional Government representative

Vicente Guillamón

Valencian Regional Government representative

In representation of the Castellon Port Community

Jesús Otero Aldereguía

Valencia and Castellón Naval Command

Manuel Peña Sanz

Fishing Guild

Vicente J. Rovira Selma

Fishing Shipowners’ Association

Manuel Vidal Sebastiá

Castellon Yacht Club

Sebastián Pla Colomina

Shipping Agents

Miguel Ruiz Navarro

Stevedoring Companies

Vicente Ramos Benet
Santiago García Serrano

Forwarding Companies

Ignacio Bellés Yáñez

Customs Agents

Carlos Navarro Ten

Stevedoring Companies

Juan Manuel Carrasco Ariño

Pilots Corporation

José Antonio Merchán Ruiz.

Tugboat Companies

Mauricio Godos Miro

Mooring Companies

Sergio Toledo

Castellon City Council

Alfredo Pascual Serrano

Customs and Excise

Sara García Remacha

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

Carlos Abad Manrique

BP Pilots Corporation

José Francisco Moreno Pérez

Spanish Shipowners’ Association