Port Authority

Business Plan

Business Plan

With the objectives set out in previous plans having been achieved, PortCastelló will undertake a new Strategy Plan for in 2019 for the period 2019- 2014, in collaboration with the Port Community.

2005 a 2011

Development of infrastructure and facilities of the port

2010 a 2011

Diversification and increase of goods traffic

2013 a 2017

Increase the capacity of the port to compete

In order to carry out this plan, the Port  of Castellón works with the Competitivity Committee, a body which incorporates representatives  of all the interest groups which take part in activity at PortCastelló, both public – such as the Harbour Master’s Office, ADIF or the Port Authority itself – as well as private organizations such as customs agencies, shipping companies, stevedores, concessions and transport companies.

The implementation of the previous Strategy  Plan 2013-2017 was carried out through the six work groups listed below, each one responsible for carrying out specific actions.

  • Group for the optimization of Processes and Services
  • Group for the Development of Intermodality
  • Group for Maximization of the Efficient Use of Resources
  • Group for the Diversification and Balance of Traffic
  • Group for the Promotion of Sustainability Policies and CPR
  • Group for Internal Quality

With the aim of achieving continuous  improvement and expanding range in response to new strategic challenges, in 2019 PortCastelló will draw up a new Strategy Plan, extending to 2024.

In the area of Communications on our website you can consult reports on the Strategy Plans.