Port Authority

Business Plan

Business Plan

The future of PortCastelló begins today with our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan.

The main objective of the plan is to define the lines of action and objectives that allow developing the correct port, investment, commercial, service and organizational policies in the coming years, thus establishing the bases to achieve competitive advantages that favor obtaining short-term business returns, and long-term value creation. All this framed within the EU’s Blue Growth strategy.


  • Blue growth. The ultimate goal of the port is to promote sustainable growth, which generates a positive impact on society, creating wealth and employment, through a culture of innovation and respect for the environment. This strategic line has a holistic and transversal character, being embedded in all the objectives and actions of the port’s strategy.
  • Diversified development. Attract new traffics and retain current ones to, in a sustainable way, increase the generation of wealth in the environment, favoring the development of new businesses in the area of ​​influence of the port, both by current and new customers and users, and establishing connections and commercial relationships with new destinations.
  • Social impact. Achieve an integration of the port with society, being recognized as a leading port in transparency and sustainability. To be an institution committed to the SDGs and that places the environment and people at the center of all its decisions and actions.
  • Competitiveness Offer competitive services, both in terms of quality and price, with more effective, flexible and efficient processes, increasing the capillarity and multimodality of the port and optimizing the use of its infrastructures and facilities.
  • Advanced management. Promote a management culture that fosters innovation, digital transformation, management by objectives, continuous improvement, customer orientation, efficiency and agility, and the cohesion of the Port Community.


In order to supervise and administer PE24, the Strategic Management Office (OGE) is created, made up of a group of people who will lead and coordinate the deployment of the strategy in all the organization’s departments, its execution and the monitoring of itself.


PortCastelló will have 5 strategic committees, each one focused on a strategic line, in addition to having a General Strategic Committee, which will coordinate the management and monitoring of the strategy.

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