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Valencian Government steps up its commitment to a technology hub in the former cinemas on PortCastelló’s Costa quay

14 February 2024

2024-02-14. The Valencian Regional Government has stepped up its commitment to the Port of Castellon with the signature by Núria Montes, Regional Minister for Innovation, Industry, Trade and Tourism, of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to promote and develop a technology hub in PortCastelló to be housed in the former cinemas on the Costa Quay.

The Chairman of the Port Authority of Castellon, Rubén Ibáñez, commented that “today is a satisfying day for all of us because we are culminating the work undertaken over the last few months with the Regional Ministry.” He added that this MoU means “we are making a dream come true; putting the city of Castellon on the innovation and technology map.”

Ibáñez argued that “the MoU is the linchpin which will make us even more competitive in our land-based operations, as it entails closer ties with the city and the province since while the port looks out to sea, it also looks towards the land.”

The head of the Port Authority pointed out that “today’s agreement is more than just a mere statement of intentions” and noted that the Valencian Government’s budget for 2024 “already includes €100,000 in investment for this project.”

This means “the Valencian Government is keeping its promise to continue moving forward on an infrastructure which will meet the sector’s technology development needs while also being a key driver of employment and wealth for the whole of Castellon and the province,” Ibáñez added. “Our aim is to place the port area at the forefront of innovation and turn it into a hotspot for tech, digital and innovation businesses.”

Meanwhile, the Mayor of Castellon, Begoña Carrasco, said at a breakfast meeting with tech firms that “we seek to promote and foster our city’s technology community to ensure we can create stable, quality jobs. Our goal is to be the Silicon Valley of the Mediterranean.”

She also confirmed that the City Council is committed to “turning an empty building into a major facility for creating ideas and projects, for cutting-edge businesses which generate more, better quality jobs, and to promoting Castellon and showcasing it worldwide as a tech industry leader.”

Likewise, Regional Minister Montes argued that “we are here to set out a work schedule” and “today is the day when we turn words into actions.” She added that “we are going to change the future of Castellon and back this city and this province as one of the Valencian Region’s foremost innovation and technology hubs.”

Montes said that the Regional Ministry “aims to craft the right framework for setting up enterprises and attracting and retaining talent” since “our duty as a government is to furnish the ideal ecosystem to ensure it can develop.”

  • MoU to coordinate innovation policies and support for the entrepreneurial ecosystem

 The purpose of the MoU signed today by the Port Authority and the Regional Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism is to coordinate actions designed to boost support for tech-based production industries which help to bolster the Valencian Region’s innovation business community while generating sustainable wealth and wellbeing for the public and aligning these initiatives with the European Green Deal and EU digital transformation strategies.

It also seeks to join up both institutions’ associated initiatives to ensure that the Valencian Region pulls in the finest Spanish and international tech businesses and events, raise the region’s profile as a technology-intensive area, foster public innovation as a driving force for change and transformation and generate synergies between stakeholders to unlock new initiatives.

The Valencian Regional Minister signed the MoU at the Port Authority of Castellon’s offices where she also signed the visitors’ book. Chairman Rubén Ibáñez presented Núria Montes with a print by Castellon artist María Griñó as a souvenir of her first visit to the Port of Castellon.


 Photo María Griñó print: (from left to right): José Bort, head of XarxaTec; Manuel García, Director of PortCastelló; Elena Lumbreras, Deputy Secretary of Innovation; Rubén Ibáñez, Chairman of PortCastelló; Núria Montes, Valencian Regional Minister of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism; Begoña Carrasco, Mayor of Castellon, and Juan José Cortés, Director General of Innovation



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