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Two companies bid to build the Enclosing Breakwater at PortCastelló’s South Dock

18 January 2024

18-01-2024. Two companies have signalled their interest in carrying out the construction project to build the Enclosing Breakwater for the Port of Castellon’s South Dock area which will mean gaining 420,000 square metres from the sea. This new space comes in addition to the 350,000 square metres available at the South Dock and is the first measure in the development of PortCastelló’s expansion area designed to attract new investment and boost goods traffic.

The Chairman of the Port Authority of Castellon, Rubén Ibáñez, commented that “Castellon is the port with the most land available in the whole of the Mediterranean arc which gives us a competitive edge and the chance to attract businesses.”

The project has an initial tender budget standing at €5.divided into two annual payments: €2.9 million in 2024 and €2.4 million in 2025. The completion period is estimated at eight months and three weeks once the contract has been awarded.

Building the South Dock in 2002 was a significant investment in establishing the Port of Castellon as an intermodal logistics hub. In keeping with this growth strategy, the Port Authority of Castellon has decided to construct this Enclosing Breakwater to create an area to meet the growing demand for new concessions associated with the Port of Castellon’s operations.

The Enclosing Breakwater is 850 metres long and will join the South Costa Quay and the current Poniente Breakwater. It will stand at a depth of between 5 and 6 metres.

The measures envisaged in the project and the subsequent infilling comply with the environmental compatibility criteria laid down by law.

This project is included in the PortCastelló Infrastructure Master Plan which sets out physical and operational planning for the port and also schedules infrastructure growth and deployment until 2027.

Rubén Ibáñez pointed out that opening up this new area at the South Dock “is a major commitment to the future and we already have offers from businesses looking to set up there.” This project is beginning to take shape and will attract new lines and new traffic to the Port of Castellon.


PortCastelló’s South Dock currently hosts facilities including Europe’s largest biodiesel plant, a bulk terminal with 500 linear metres of quays and a clinker plant. Businesses also choose to move into the Serrallo Industrial Estate to leverage its strategic location near the Dock.




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