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South dock fitted with dust-trapping screems to prevent particles from blowing into surrounding areas

21 February 2024

Pantallas atrapapolvo

2024-02-21. The Port Authority of Castellon has completed the installation of its new dust-trapping screens at the port’s South Dock to prevent particles generated by handling solid bulk cargo from blowing into the surrounding areas.

The construction work cost €308,699.83 and has consisted of installing 20 modules made up of a 10-metre-high steel structure fitted with a textile mesh which can cut wind speed behind the screens by 60%.

This canvas consists of a fabric specially designed for wind reduction which alters wind speed and turbulence to prevent dust from being blown into other areas. This is especially significant as the Port of Castellon is the fourth largest Spanish port in terms of solid bulk throughput.

The Port of Castellon has invested €1,259,427 plus VAT since 2016 in installing windbreaks and dust-trapping screens on the Outer Transversal Quay and at the North and South Docks.

The Chairman of the Port Authority, Rubén Ibáñez, commented that “we are the only port in the Valencian Region that has an agreement with the Regional Government for improving air quality” which underscores “the commitment we share to achieve our goals in cutting air pollution and put in place the mechanisms needed to ensure limits for emissions of particulate matter into the air are not breached.”

The agreement is part of the strategy for the 2030 Agenda and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Environmental protection measures

 This action is one of the 18 environmental protection measures the Port Authority has rolled out to minimise the emission of particulate matter into surrounding areas.

These initiatives include real-time public information on air quality in the port’s environment via its website, installing wheel washers and bringing in a Code of Good Environmental Practices to regulate solid bulk handling operations conducted in the port area.

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