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Rubén Ibáñez: “Logístics and the intermodal transport system will turn Castellón into a leading logistics city”

30 April 2024

Vista aérea intermodal

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rubén Ibáñez, today welcomed the announcement of the new industrial development zone, LogistiCS, located in the area next to the Serrallo industrial estate. “This is good news for our city, for the province of Castellón and for the port” because “this industrial area, located right in the enclave where the intermodal station will be – which will be put out to tender shortly – is going to make Castellón a real logistics city”.

On this subject, Ibáñez explained that this project -which will be added to the expansion of the south dock- “will provide port operators and companies interested in the railway with a cutting-edge logistics platform”.

“LogistiCS will be, together with the port of Castellón, the largest logistics platform in the province”, said the head of the Port Authority.

The president of PortCastelló also stated that the port of Castellón “will more than ever be the logistics engine of the province, with new spaces and new connectivity. “The future of PortCastelló is being written in the south dock, which has become an attractive location for companies that see in us a sea of opportunities for the growth and development of their businesses”. This new area will make the port of Castellón the port in the Mediterranean seaboard with the largest area available for the installation of new companies. “A space where many of them will be able to have their warehouse area and develop their businesses in LogistiCS, it’s the perfect combination”.

Rubén Ibáñez underlined the cooperation, coordination and good understanding between authorities in order to make LogistiCS a reality and, in this respect, he said that “if we all aim for and work in the same direction, the result will be nothing else but perfect”. “LogistiCS is a turning point, which will mark a transformation in our industry and, therefore, in the economy of the province as a whole”. “LogistiCS and PortCastelló have a lot to do and we will continue working in the same direction in order to reap the rewards of a job well done,” he concluded.

Project description

LogístiCS is the area adjacent to the Serrallo industrial estate, located next to the CS-22 and the N-225 in El Grao. In particular, it encompasses two industrial sectors, SI-Ctra. Grao-Almassora, with 786,647 m² and SI-Plataforma Logistica, with 915,172 m², making a total of 1,701,819 m² of industrial land.

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