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PortCastelló will contribute 7,000 m3 of sand to Almassora beach this summer

27 March 2024

Almassora has set up a technical commission in which all the agents involved in the necessary and urgent protection of its beach are represented. The mayoress of Almassora, María Tormo, has met with the president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rubén Ibáñez; the director general of Costas de la Comunitat Valenciana, Vicente Martínez Mus; and the head of the Provincial Coastal Service in Castellón, Leonardo Monzonis. The meeting was also attended by the councillor for Beaches of Almassora, Silvana Rovira, as well as technicians from the different participating administrations.

The aim of the meeting was to join forces to work together to regenerate the coastline. This is how the PortCastelló’s contribution of sand to the beach this summer has been approached, estimated at around 7,000 cubic metres. The purpose has been to agree on the area in which it will be carried out in order to be more effective in the face of marine regression. The proposal analysed foresees the provision of material for the sports courts in the area of the Catalans road and, especially, in Pla de la Torre.

“It is essential that all the administrations can walk hand in hand to materialise as soon as possible the regeneration of Pla de la Torre, which Almassora urgently needs and historically deserves,” said the mayoress.

This project, valued at 8.8 million euros, after being in a public exhibition, is currently in the environmental impact assessment phase. The state of the proceedings was explained at the meeting by the provincial head of Costas.

During the meeting, the president of the Port Authority undertook to “speed up the procedures from the port of Castellón to respond to the needs of the residents of Almassora and solve the problems of the beach by working together with both administrations so that this summer the sand contribution becomes a reality”. It should be recalled that it was the Port Authority itself that proposed the creation of this technical commission, which has been convened today for the first time.

Likewise, Martínez Mus has shown the Consell’s full collaboration with Almassora to speed up the actions required to regenerate the beach and enhance the value of its coastal façade.

This commission works in parallel with the other commission that serves as a forum for political representatives and neighbours and which met again last week to analyse the contributions to the previous public consultation on the Draft Royal Decree amending Royal Decree 876/2014, of 10 October, through which the General Coastal Regulation was approved. It also addressed the issues to be raised regarding the public consultation of the draft Law for the Protection and Management of the Valencian Coast.

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