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PortCastelló signs up to manifesto to sustain Castellón’s economy

17 January 2024

Manifiesto por la economía de Castellón

17-01-2024. The Chairman of the Port Authority, Rubén Ibáñez, today travelled to Madrid to join the event in support of sustaining Castellon’s economy led by the Valencian Region Business Confederation.

It was attended by 67 associations and organisations and took place at the CEOE’s headquarters to call on the Spanish government to provide direct aid for Castellon’s industry in response to the risk of deindustrialisation and to cope with competition from other countries.

The manifesto notes that 36.6% of Castellon’s GDP comes from its industrial output, which includes the significant ceramic tile cluster and its connection with other players such as the Port of Castellon. Over 1,000 jobs have been destroyed in this sector in the last nine months due to surging energy prices.

Rubén Ibáñez said that the Port Authority of Castellon “has come to support this manifesto because the port is a key sector in the growth of Castellon’s economy and its natural logistical hub.”

Furthermore, he pointed out that “as Castellon locals and as the Port Authority we simply have to stand by the people who make the growth of our economy and our province possible and insist that Castellon remains essential for the rest of Spain.”

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