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PortCastelló responds to liquid bulk traffic with a new rack at its south dock

20 May 2024

Dársena sur

The Port Authority of Castellón has put the contract for the execution of the works of a rack of installations parallel to the Iberdrola canal out to tender for a base budget of 600,259.22 euros (VAT excluded).

In this way, PortCastelló will increase its logistics capacity, as with this infrastructure it will respond to the increase in liquid bulk traffic. As detailed in the project report, this rack “will allow the extension of the existing rack, which is currently at the limit of its capacity”. The port of Castellón is therefore adapting to the demands of its customers and responding to their needs.

The president of the Port Authority, Rubén Ibáñez, has said that the development and expansion of the south dock “required to capitalise on the largest percentage of the port’s cargo movement and its consolidation as a large intermodal logistics platform, serving large volumes of traffic, make it necessary to extend the infrastructure network”.

In this regard, Ibáñez stressed that given that the southern area has become “the epicentre and star attraction”, the aim of the action is “to provide infrastructure for the concessionary companies established in the dock to offer them a better and more extensive service, which will result in the economic growth of the province as a whole”.

Project description

The new rack, whose works are expected to take five months to complete, starting from the date of the formalisation of the lay-out report, is a 680-metre-long linear concrete structure that begins at Liquids Quay I and ends at the installations’ crosswalk.

It is important to note that it is divided into two sections according to the type of slope they border. The planned structure is located adjacent to the existing rack next to the Iberdrola Canal on its north side, in the space available between the north block and the head of the slope, through the construction of a reinforced concrete rack with an interior width of 2.50m.

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