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PortCastelló moves forward in its digitalisation strategy with the “launch” of three new digital transformation projects

26 March 2024

26/03/2024. PortCastelló is making progress in its digitalisation strategy with the “launch” of three new projects as part of the Digital Transformation Plan. The event, organised by the Transformation Office, was attended by more than fifty workers of the Castellón Port Authority interested in the advances in this area.

 For the port of Castellón, digitalisation is a very high priority for the achievement of the organisation’s objectives. So much so that the president of the Port Authority himself, Rubén Ibáñez, has underlined the “commitment and the need to maximise digital qualities, both technological and human, to identify, evaluate and prioritise the port’s activity in terms of a new sustainable and innovative business model”.

Along these lines, Ibáñez pointed out that digital transformation is one of the fundamental pillars of “our Strategic Plan, and we are making great efforts to champion digitalisation in the port system”, since “competitiveness in seaports is linked to digitalisation”.

 The digital transformation led by PortCastelló will make it possible to adopt new models to be more efficient, innovative and oriented towards user service from a Smart Port concept.

The three projects that have been submitted are:

 Information Systems Master Plan

 The Information Systems Master Plan is the cornerstone of PortCastelló’s digital revolution. The project serves to redefine how technology can improve port operations, optimise the processes of the port of Castellón and open the door to new possibilities of service and efficiency.

The objective is to respond to the current needs of the port of Castellón in terms of optimising applications and systems, resizing the infrastructure and cybersecurity, reinforcing the infrastructure, systems and technological applications in the face of possible threats.

Brand building and communication

 PortCastelló has developed an action plan that aims to provide the port entity with the appropriate reasons to help attract new customers, enhance awareness of the decisions taken regarding sustainability and growth, improve relations with the public and generate links with staff and suppliers. This project envisages commitment to excellence and innovation.

Internal Communication Plan

The new internal communication plan aims to establish a solid corporate culture and sense of belonging, to guarantee access to the right information at the right time for all the staff of the Castellón Port Authority, to encourage their participation and interaction in the activities of PortCastelló and to speed up the transmission of information.


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