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PortCastelló moves forward in drawing up strategic plan to set the port’s roadmap for the next five years

14 March 2024



2024-03-14. The Port Authority has put out to tender the technical assistance contract to support designing, drafting and rolling out the 2025-2030 Strategic Plan which is to set the Port of Castellon’s roadmap.

The Plan will lay the groundwork for gaining competitive advantage in attracting throughput and creating value over the long term as part of the Blue Growth strategy defined and developed by the European Union, the 2030 Agenda and in the new State-owned Ports Body’s Strategic Framework.

The project has an initial tender budget standing at €160,000 (taxes not included) and its specifications say the contractor will be tasked with drawing up a strategic map furnishing a framework showing the connection between resources and value generation processes in the strategies.

The Chairman of the Port Authority, Rubén Ibáñez, underscored the Plan’s significance and said that “we need to keep our eye on the ball and leverage everything which makes us stand out,” adding that “this is exactly the right time for us to do things better and our immediate goal, alongside growing in emerging markets, is to bring in new goods.”

Likewise, the head of the Port Authority pointed out that “we have lots of growth projects and infrastructures underway which are going to take shape over this period. They include our investment in offshore wind, the port’s growth with its south access, the expansion area at the South Dock and the Valencian Regional Government’s commitment to the new PortCastelló technology hub as a key driver of wealth and employment.”

“All these new opportunities need to be reflected in the plan which is crucial in unlocking our port’s competitiveness and the economic development of our local area,” he argued.

What’s in the new strategic plan

 The new strategic plan is to target ramping up the port’s operations with new lines of business which enable it to diversify its range, enhance intermodality, drill down into its service-orientation, marketing and development of port business, make headway in its digital transformation and drive blue growth and the circular economy.

Furthermore, and based on its predecessor, it will continue to promote factors such as innovation and digital transformation to deliver sustainable growth anchored in responsible management of its impact on its surroundings in all its action areas and putting the environment and people at the core of its business.

The Port of Castellon’s Strategic Plan is to be mapped out and drafted over four stages: compiling the critical information for drawing up the plan, setting out the strategic plan’s underpinnings, putting the plan together and then rolling it out.

The Port Authority is additionally to set up a Strategy Committee with members drawn from the Port Authority and the Port Community and their main customers. This Committee will be in charge of providing the essential information to the contractor, liaising with it and furnishing general guidance for the drafting project.

The work will have a twelve-month completion period from the date when the contract is signed.


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