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PortCastelló improves safety with the renovation and expansion of its defibrillator network

3 May 2024

Paco Ramos desfibriladores

PortCastelló has renewed and expanded its network of semi-automatic defibrillators in the port area with the installation of a new defibrillator in the customer building.

With this new call for tenders, the Port Authority is extending the cardiac-protected area of the port to a total of eight units to cover both the customs area and the leisure and administrative area, in order to improve safety in the whole area.

Francisco Ramos, head of the Security and Prevention division of PortCastelló, stated that the initiative “represents a further step towards improving the security of the public and the users of the port”.

Ramos also said that the Port Authority of Castellón as a cardiac-protected entity “has always sought maximum effectiveness and efficiency in all equipment and systems of action in the event of emergencies”.

As a technician in the Security Department, he explained that the emergency telephone number to call to report any incident in the port area is 964 737 202, while recalling that to ensure safety “all port police officers have completed training courses in the use of safety and self-help (semi-automatic external defibrillators) equipment in order to respond more quickly until the arrival of the medical services”.

As for the location of the defibrillators, it should be noted that, of the eight defibrillators installed, four are located in port police vehicles and another four will be in all the port buildings, both in public areas and in offices.















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