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PORTCASTELLÓ host a conference on the challenges and opportunities of short sea shipping in Castellón

24 April 2024

More than 50 logistics and maritime transport professionals are to meet at the technical conference on Short Sea Shipping which will address the potential of short sea shipping in the port of Castellón.

The Promotion of Short Sea Shipping in the Port of Castellón: a Strategy with a Future’, organised by the Spanish Association for the Promotion of Short Sea Shipping in partnership with the Port Authority of Castellón and the PortCastelló Foundation, will take place on Thursday 9 May at the Moll de Costa venue.

The event, aimed at shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, representatives of shipping companies, logistics and other major agents in the maritime supply chain, will address the different factors that influence the capture of multimodal transport chain opportunities connected to maritime transport.

The President of the Port Authority, Rubén Ibáñez, who will take part in the opening ceremony, emphasised that “the strategic position of the port of Castellón in the Mediterranean and the expected increase in trade in this area, arising from trends towards closer supply chains, makes it necessary to have this debate with all the agents involved”.

Ibáñez also stressed the “commitment of the port of Castellón to this type of transport, given the saturation that road freight transport will certainly suffer in the coming years”. “It is a strategic market for intermodality, reducing the volume of freight traffic on the roads and transferring it to ships. Rubén Ibáñez stated that “this represents a business opportunity”.

The president of PortCastelló recalled the recommendations of the Transport White Paper, which establishes the target of transferring 30% of road freight transport for distances of more than 300 kilometres to other modes (rail, river or sea) by 2030, and more than 50% by 2050 due to its sustainability advantages.


‘The Promotion of Short Sea Shipping in the Port of Castellón: a Strategy with a Future’


The meeting, which will deal with the challenges and opportunities facing the sector, will also be attended by the president of the Castellón Business Association of Road Freight Transport, Carmelo Martínez; the general manager of the APC, Manuel García; the technical director of SPC Spain, Pilar Tejo, as well as business representatives from this field such as Santiago Colom, (Monfort Group), Ernesto Casas (CS Transitarios), Federico Spinnato (Ignazio Messina), Javier Blanco (Maghreb Container Int), and Antonio Vargas (Grimaldi).

The Port Authority of Castellón, as a member of the Spanish Association for the Promotion of Short Sea Shipping (SPC Spain), is hosting these travelling informative conferences organised annually by the association throughout the Spanish ports, which explain multimodal transport options and the business opportunity it represents in Europe and internationally.

Logistics and maritime transport professionals wishing to participate in the event can register via the following link where the programme for the conference can also be downloaded.

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