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PortCastelló grows goods throughout by 6.6%

16 March 2024

2023-03-15. Goods throughput in the Port of Castellon rose by 6.6% in February compared to the same period in the previous year, handling 1,310,956 tonnes of cargo during the month.

This growth has been recorded across practically all types of throughput. PortCastelló increased solid bulk by 12.1% in February with 455,496 tonnes handled while liquid bulk traffic was also up by 5% to 769,245 tonnes and full container loads by 14.4%.

Total goods throughput handled in the Port of Castellon so far this year comes to 2,363,130 tonnes. Liquid bulk accounts for the largest volume of traffic in the port area at 58.4% of the total followed by solid bulk which makes up 35.2% and general cargo at 6.4%.

The Port of Castellon mainly imports from and exports to the United States, Brazil, Angola, Malta and Bulgaria.

The main goods handled were led by crude oil, feldspar, petrol, coke, kaolin, fuel oil, tiles and clays.

The Chairman of the Port Authority of Castellon, Rubén Ibáñez, said the figures show “things are starting to pick up after some challenging months in which there has been a perfect storm” shaped by the impact of surging energy prices and interest rates, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the conflict in Israel and the tariffs imposed by Algeria.

“We hope the economic uncertainty will clear up and our businesses can continue using PortCastelló as a tool for growth,” he added, pointing out that “it was time to invest in the future and that is what we have done.”

“It is when times are tough that we need to sow the seeds of the future and at the Port of Castellon we are laying the groundwork to drive our production sectors and enable new companies to move in as this generates jobs and wealth in our local area.” Here he referred to the South Dock expansion project which will gain 400,000 square metres from the sea and “turn Castellon into the port in the Mediterranean arc with the largest surface area available to new businesses looking to set up shop.”


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