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PortCastelló awards Centenary Fountain renovation to COMSA for €273,535

12 March 2024


  •  The works, which will affect the inside lane of the port access roundabout, have a four-month completion period
  •  Ibáñez: “We can only enhance port-city integration through an attractive appearance consistent with our surroundings and up to the standard the people of Castellon deserve”

2024-03-12. The Port Authority of Castellon is to invest €273,535.78 in the renovation and commissioning of the Centenary Fountain on the roundabout leading to PortCastelló’s administrative area at the junction of the Serrano Lloberes and Ferrandis Salvador avenues.

Comsa Service Facility Management has been awarded the project to refurbish the fountain and bring it back into operation. It is currently out of use due to several structural issues such as the loss of watertightness of its basin and a number of leaks.

“We can only enhance port-city integration and create a more energetic and vibrant waterfront district through an attractive appearance consistent with our surroundings and up to the standard not only of local residents, who have been calling for the renovation of the fountain for some time, but also of the rest of the people of Castellon,” argued the Chairman of the Port Authority, Rubén Ibáñez.

Likewise, Ibáñez pointed out that PortCastelló “has been rolling out accessibility and environmental improvement actions for quite a while, specifically in the transition area between the port and the city, with measures and initiatives which help to increase the number of  activities going on and add to the choices available in the waterfront district to ensure that everyone can enjoy the port and its attractions.”

Project details

 The project promoted by the Port Authority consists of repairing all the damaged parts of the fountain, replacing and renovating the electrical and water infrastructure and adapting its design to minimise noise. It also includes lighting upgrades using modern technology and functions for this type of ornamental fountain.

Alongside the repairs, the project will have a new design in which the falling water does not make any noise so as not to disturb local residents while also ensuring it does not splash out of the fountain.

The work includes fitting spotlights in the basin to create visual effects in the water. In addition, the fountain’s entire lighting system will be renewed with LED luminaires to optimise electricity consumption. The fountain will be equipped with a smart lighting control system with a choice of colours and remote control via Wi-Fi.

The completion period for the project, which envisages closure of the roundabout’s inside lane during the works, is four months.


Project background

 The Centenary Fountain was inaugurated in 2002 to celebrate the Port of Castellon’s centenary. It consists of an old landing stage built in the late 19th century and includes a bronze sculpture by local artist Juan Ripollés.

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