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PortCastelló and Xarxatec joib forces to create an advisory board promote the development of the technology hub

17 May 2024

PortCastelló and Xarxatec will create an advisory board to make progress in the development of the new technology hub to be located in the old cinema building on the Costa quay of the port of Castellón.

The president of the Port Authority, Rubén Ibáñez, made this announcement today during a meeting held with José Bort, the president of Xarxatec, an association of technology companies that has around 70 companies and represents 2,600 workers throughout the province.

The purpose of the meeting, as Ibáñez himself said, is to “continue to make progress in the promotion, coordination and development of a top-level technology hub”.

As for the composition of this newly created body, both leaders have agreed that the board, which will be chaired by representatives of the Port Authority and Xarxatec, will include representatives of the public administration, Castellón City Council and the Provincial Council, and of the business associations that have shown interest in the project and which will be invited to participate. These organisations include Jaume I University, ASCER, CEEI, Annffecc (National Association of Manufacturers of Frits, Glazes and Ceramic Colours), ACTM (Transport Business Association in Castellón) and Asebec (Association of Ceramic Machinery Companies)

Rubén Ibáñez, who described the meeting as “very fruitful”, pointed out that today’s meeting has served to “design and define the roadmap which will allow us to continue to make progress in the development of the technology hub that will put Castellón and the port on the map of innovation and technology, and help in the generation of good quality and innovative jobs in the logistics-port environment”.

In this regard, he stressed that “if we want to meet the needs of the sector we must work together to promote and establish innovation policies and support the technology-based entrepreneurial ecosystem, in coordination and cooperation with this organisation, which is the largest representative in the technology sector in the province”.

The head of PortCastelló also said that “it is very important for us to know the reality of what we are facing” and through these meetings “we create a place for dialogue to continue to make progress on an initiative that will make us more competitive and help us meet the needs for more workers that technology companies are facing”.

For his part, José Bort stressed that the Xarxatec association “represents the entire industry in the technology sector and last year almost 1,000 jobs were created, and with the launch of the technology hub we want to continue creating jobs and consolidate this positive trend”.

With regard to the frequency of meetings of the Council, it has been agreed to have two meetings per year.


Expression of port’s interest

The last meeting of the Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Castellón, held in April, approved an expression of the port’s interest in the installation of the hub in the aforementioned building.

This expression is the first step towards creating a training space for innovation, digital skills and technologies related to artificial intelligence, living labs, digital content demonstrators at the service of SMEs and researchers, advice on the development of technological applications, big data and other disruptive technologies.

It should be remembered that the technology hub already had an allocation of 100,000 euros from the board’s budget for the drafting of the centre’s design, as well as a protocol of intent signed by the Port Authority of Castellón and the Regional Ministry of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism, which shows the level of commitment of both organisations to its implementation.


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