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Port Authority to upgrade outdoor lighting at south dock and in recreational area

9 February 2024

2024-02-09. The Port Authority of Castellon has invited bids for the contract to supply and fit outdoor lighting in the Port’s Recreational Area and South Dock which has an initial tender budget of €715,013.71. This investment is included in PortCastelló’s public lighting energy efficiency plan which was introduced after a luminous flux map was drawn up to furnish an initial situation assessment.

The energy efficiency plan seeks to cut energy costs, improve areas with poor energy performance, set average illuminance levels and roll out point-to-point remote management.

The purpose of the project now being put out to tender is to upgrade the outdoor lighting at the port’s South Dock and in its Recreational Area by replacing the current light fixtures with new LED luminaires.

The technical specifications stipulate that the installed power for lighting is 87.82 kW for a total of 381 light points. The project also includes revamping some of the switchboards and lines fitted in the outdoor lighting system.

Firms wishing to take part in the tender have until 29 February to submit their bids for a project which has a nine-month schedule.

The lighting improvement and renewal measures will mean that both docks have new lights. Last year, the Port Authority replaced the outdoor lighting and upgraded the low-voltage network at the North Dock by converting the system previously in place to LED technology which is extremely efficient and uses less energy.

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