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Over twenty companies submit entries for the 2024 Faro Awards

12 February 2024

Over twenty Castellon companies from a range of industries have submitted their entries for the 9th Faro Awards which are organised every year by the Port Authority and are to be held in April on the anniversary of the Port of Castellon’s inception.

Tomorrow afternoon, PortCastelló is hosting a meeting with the 50 members of the Jury featuring equal numbers of men and women  who are mostly from outside the Port Authority to assess the proposals before submitting them to the Board of Directors for final approval on Friday 23 February.

The Port Authority launched the Faro Awards in 2016 to reinforce the sense of belonging to the Castellon Port Community, contribute to public recognition of innovative initiatives in different areas and recognise the merits of the work carried out.

The awards have nine categories: Communication, Innovation, Business Achievement, Occupational Health and Safety, Business Initiative, Environmental Protection, Equality, Culture and Social Commitment.

The Social Commitment and Culture categories have received the most entries.

Partnership and social commitment

PortCastelló is building on and stepping up its social commitment in partnership with Afanías and the Down Syndrome Association at this year’s Faro Awards as part of the Port of Castellon’s Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Plan.

Both organisations will be represented at the awards to raise the profile of the work they do for society and foster the social and labour market integration of people with intellectual disabilities.

Afanías Occupational Centre users have also made the figurines which will be given to the members of the jury as a sign of their appreciation.

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