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Ibáñez: “Escala a Castelló put Castellón and our port on the national tourist map”

4 April 2024

04 April 2024.- the Mayoress of Castellón, Begoña Carrasco, participated today in the reception of the boats participating in a new edition of “Escala a Castelló”, held between 5 and 8 April. The event was also attended by the President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rubén Ibáñez; the President of Les Corts, Llanos Massó; the second Vice-President and Deputy for Tourism, Andrés Martínez; as well as the Councillor for Tourism, Arantxa Miralles, the Deputy Mayor of Grau, Ester Giner and the General Director of “Escale à Sète”, Wolfgang Idiri, among other authorities.

Carrasco recalled in his speech that the city of Castellón has “a port of reference in the Mediterranean. The best setting to host these 12 ships, the largest number of all the editions that have been held so far, with 8 historic ships and 4 institutional ships, and that from tomorrow all the public will be able to enjoy free of charge during the morning and afternoon”.

The mayor also stressed that “with the ‘Fin de Semana Marinero’ and ‘Escala a Castelló’ we reinforce the port-city link that works so well, because Castellón is a capital that is once again looking to the sea, seeking to deseasonalise the tourist offer”.

The seventh edition of “Escala a Castelló” and the “Fin de Semana Marinero” “is much more than the celebration of a cultural, gastronomic or commercial macro-event, with an average attendance of around 100,000 visitors in each edition. It is also music with its agenda of concerts parades, dramatised visits, a return to traditional trades, activities for children to enjoy with family or friends and, of course, our very popular fireworks display”, insisted the mayoress.

For his part, the President of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rubén Ibáñez, as host of the event, welcomed the captains to whom he said “in this port and with this City Council you will always find an ally. This is your home. We are delighted to have you here again for this great sea festival which has already become a tradition and a prime attraction”.

Ibáñez also thanked Castellón City Council for its commitment to this event, which is now in its seventh year, and emphasised that “we are a city open to the sea, and this is our best showcase so we must continue to work hand in hand with initiatives such as this one which put Castellón and our port on the national tourist map”.

The second Vice-President and Deputy for Tourism, Andrés Martínez, conveyed “his affection and admiration for the mayoress and all those who make this event possible, which multiplies the commitment to Castellón, the Grau and the Sea”.

Martínez has also “welcomed, on behalf of the President, Marta Barrachina, the participants of ‘Escala a Castelló’ to the province of Castellón”.

Thus, the representatives of the vessels have received, on behalf of the Castellón City Council, a gift consisting of a box of Km 0 products of “Castelló Ruta de Sabor” (Castellón, route of flavours).

The vessels of “Escala a Castelló 2024”

 The mayoress of Castellón welcomed the different captains and senior officers of the participating ships, which are: the Nao Victoria; the Goleta Cervantes Saavedra; the Galeón Andalucía, the pailebote Pascual Flores, the Goleta Äran, the Morgestern and the Santa María Manuela. A new addition to the event this year is “La Grace”, a brigantine sailing ship, which is a replica of an 18th century Dutch privateer.

In addition to the historic vessels, the Guardia Civil’s Río Riaza patrol boat, the Spanish Navy’s Tambre minehunter, the Customs Surveillance Service’s Albatros patrol boat and the SAR Polimnia from Maritime Rescue will also be present.

Visits to the vessels will begin on 5 April, free of charge, and will be available non-stop from 11:00 to 21:00, except for Monday 8 April, which will only be until midday.

What’s new in 2024

 The main novelty of this edition is the celebration of the “Fin de Semana Marinero”, which is organised by the Castellón City Council and which has various activities prepared.

One example is “Comerços a la Mar”, a street market that the traders of the Grau will set up on Paseo Buenavista on Saturday 6 April from 10:00 to 22:00, and on Sunday 7 April, from 10:00 to 20:00, and which will bring local trade to all tourists and visitors to “Escala a Castelló”.

We will also see an old-fashioned fish auction on this very same Muelle de Costa. This auction is scheduled for Saturday morning.

In addition, there will also be a “Blue Zone”, dedicated to the care of the oceans, in which the Oceanogràfic Foundation and the Azul Marino Foundation will be taking part, with educational and environmental awareness-raising activities and programmes for all ages.

Monday 8 April will be Children’s Day, and activities for children and guided tours will be the focal point of the agenda. It will be held throughout the morning for the city’s schools. Also, on the same day, Monday 8 April, “Escala a Castelló” has special opening hours for people and groups with disabilities.

Visitors will also receive a passport which they can stamp as they explore each of the ships as a souvenir of the maritime event.

“Escala a Castelló” will also feature guided tours to learn about the history and architecture of the Grau, parades, craft area or local gastronomic products with the brand “Castelló Ruta de Sabor”, among many other programmes.

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