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Ibáñez: “All rebates for the province’s strategic sectors should be reviewed to bring them into line with the current situation”

16 February 2024

The Chairman of the Port Authority, Rubén Ibáñez, today reiterated the Port of Castellon’s support and understanding for farmers’ organisations at a fresh meeting with Unió and AVA – ASAJA, the fourth in the last month, to analyse “the position of the farming industry and see how the port can help them”.

At the meeting, Ibáñez announced that consensus had been reached at the Port to review “all rebates for Castellon province’s strategic sectors because we think they should to be brought into line with the current situation.”

“The Port of Castellon has been there for you right from the outset,” commented the head of the Port Authority. Indeed, he continued, “a review of the rebates for the province’s production sectors, including the citrus industry, is already on the agenda of the first Board of Directors meeting of the year which is to be held on 23 February.”

“Next year’s Business Plan needs to address this issue,” argued Rubén Ibáñez, pointing out that the current Board of Directors “has not been able to alter the rebates” because “there is no General State Budget and therefore no Business Plan which is where they are implemented.” He added that “the last approval was in 2022, specifically 40% for containerised citrus goods which entailed rebates of €14,188, equivalent to 0.036 cents per kilo.”

“Today we have brought back to the table our promise made before the protests to review the rebates dating back to previous board of directors meetings,” noted the head of the Port of Castellon. He said he appreciated the “gratitude and thanks” from the sector’s leaders for this commitment.

The Port Authority’s plan to set up a committee featuring all Castellon province’s major production sectors was also discussed.


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