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Faro Awards jury chooses winners of the 9th awards

17 February 2024

Premio Faro PortCastelló

2024-02-17. The Port Authority of Castellon has announced the winners of the 9th Faro Awards, which PortCastelló organises every year, after the members of the jury evaluated the candidates in the entries received.The PortCastelló Faro Awards were launched in 2016 to reinforce the sense of belonging to the Port Community, contribute to public recognition of innovative initiatives in different areas and recognise the merits of the work carried out.

After evaluating the more than twenty proposals submitted, the 50 members of the Jury featuring equal numbers of men and women and mostly from outside the Port Authority have picked the winners in the nine categories recognising merits in Communication, Innovation, Business Achievement, Occupational Health and Safety, Business Initiative, Environmental Protection, Social Commitment, Equality and Culture.

The Chairman of the Port Authority of Castellon Rubén Ibáñez noted the quality of this year’s entries while underlining “the crucial work done by each of the businesses and initiatives to foster their sense of belonging to the Castellon Port Community and showcase it with their input across their areas of action.”


The entries selected this year will be submitted next week to the Port Authority’s Board of Directors for approval. They are:


Castellón Plaza, an online newspaper featuring economic, cultural, political and sports content from the province, for providing specific and meticulous information about what is going on in the Port of Castellon, raising awareness about its significance for generating jobs and wealth and as a key link in the logistics supply chain, and also for highlighting the productive investments undertaken to make PortCastelló a more competitive and efficient port.


Hackathon Facsa, which is run in the Port of Castellon to help recruit talent by devising solutions to real-world problems and suggesting challenges which drive digital transformation for businesses and institutions and generate a knowledge-transfer ecosystem which places Castellon at the forefront of innovation. Every year it addresses the most innovative technological topics which are of prime importance in society.

INCREA Chair for Innovation, Creativity and Learning at Jaume University I for promoting creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship values and attitudes in the university community, especially among students. Over the last five years, more than 800 students have taken part in flagship training and mentoring programmes to help validate business ideas, meet challenges posed by companies and drive innovative projects to enter domestic and international competitions. The programmes include UJI EmprenOnSocial, UJILab Innovació and 5UCV Gennera Challenge UJI.

Business Achievement

Grupo Trimodos, a brand set up in 2021 which brings together Transargi (established in 1984) and Stinsa (established in 1983). The company is recognised for its track record and support for port operations via its local (ceramic tile raw material shipping to the port), container and sea transport departments. It also has a domestic and international land traffic department working for the manufacturing community across Castellon province including tile, frit and enamel, chemical and fertiliser firms.

 Occupational Health and Safety

Castellon City Council’s Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and Rescue Service (SPEIS) for leading and coordinating the Emergency Intervention Group, taking action in preventive services and accidents occurring in the service area and the Port of Castellon. SPEIS interventions in the port for prevention and at assorted incidents and emergencies include Escala a Castelló, exercises, training and practice, preventive services with dangerous goods, drills and actions in emergencies.

 Business Initiative

CRYSTAL-LUNG project “Barrier based on crystalline structures for controlling noise and atmospheric pollution” awarded to BECSA in the PORTS 4.0 call for proposals in its pre-commercial option.

This is an innovative project to develop a device to reduce noise and breathable particles. The device will be developed using the technology called “sound crystals”, barriers formed with discontinuous elements known as dispersers which, when combined with a water diffusion system, form a permeable acoustic barrier able to absorb particles of breathable size, i.e. PM10, PM2.5 and black carbon.

 Environmental Protection

Award to the Institute of Ceramic Technology for its environmental work conducted with the Port Authority to mitigate the emission of atmospheric pollutants in port operations.

This includes drawing up an improvement plan to minimise emissions plus assessment of the effectiveness of corrective measures in solid bulk handling in the port, comparison studies of the North and South Docks’ air quality control stations and determining the efficacy of the perimeter screens on PortCastelló’s Transversal and Ceramics quays in capturing particulate matter.

 Social Commitment

Impala Sportclub & Spa for its culture of service to the port community and the people of Castellon through social cooperation and inclusion projects and initiatives for vulnerable people and groups. It has earned this recognition due to its actions as a driving force and partnerships with non-profit associations and organisations such as the Spanish Breast Cancer Association, Down Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis, Le Cadó Foundation, the Red Cross, Food Bank, Aviation Without Borders, the Aspropace Foundation, Afanías and Castellon General Hospital.


The Mujeres al Timón Foundation, sponsored by media outlet Economía 3, is recognised for raising the profile of businesswomen and female executives who have reached leadership positions owing to their professional track record and not because of quotas, focusing on their training, experience and leadership from the standpoint of meritocracy rather than the gender perspective. The Port Authority of Castellon has joined this Foundation to play a proactive role in it.


Acknowledgment of non-profit cultural association La Barraca for its input over the years to the Grao district in Castellon with cultural initiatives such as setting up the Grao de Castellón Archive, housing items which can be used to craft the memory of life and customs, ‘La Barraca’ magazine, the Premis a la Mar awards and the organisation’s engagement with the Pigà Nativity Scene and in organising exhibitions.


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