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PortCastelló takes part in a project for controlling noise and atmospheric pollution in the port area

8 January 2024

08-01-2024. The Port Authority of Castellon is taking part as a facilitator in the CRYSTAL-LUNG project “Barrier based on crystalline structures for controlling noise and atmospheric pollution” awarded to BECSA in the PORTS 4.0 call for proposals in its pre-commercial option. PORTS 4.0 is an initiative run by the State-owned Ports Body to support building and consolidating a network of start-ups, spin-offs and new lines of business in technology.

Crystal-Lung is an innovative project to develop a device to reduce noise and breathable particles. The device will be developed using the technology called “sound crystals”, barriers formed with discontinuous elements known as dispersers which, when combined with a water diffusion system, form a permeable acoustic barrier able to absorb breathable size particles, i.e., PM10, PM2.5 and black carbon.

This solution has a low landscape impact and will generate significant benefits for the health of people living close to the port areas and also for the environment as it is a means of alleviating and reducing two of the most significant sources of pollution in the port setting: noise and dust pollution.

The barrier of this proof-of-concept will be 50 m long and 4 m high and will be deployed for six months in an area of special interest for measuring and capturing these pollutants. Once the prototype has been rolled out in real-world locations, BECSA will develop a measurement programme to verify the system’s ability to control noise and capture fine and ultrafine breathable particles, i.e., PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.

This device has a wide range of advantages including its permeability which enables air to pass through. It also lessens visual impact as its characteristic geometry means it also lets light through.

The project’s innovation is based on harnessing the air permeability of this type of screen to fashion a new integrated device with the twofold function of reducing noise and atmospheric pollution.

The CRYSTAL-LUNG project is to be run over three years and has a budget of €886,648.13.

The Chairman of the Port Authority of Castellon, Rubén Ibáñez, underscored the technological potential of Castellon’s businesses. He also pointed to the need for port authorities “to engage with the private sector and work hand in hand to make ports more competitive with new technologies and solutions which enable us to be more operational and efficient” since “one of our missions is to help our manufacturing community as generators of the Castellon brand.”

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