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Pantallas atrapapolvo

PortCastelló calls for tenders for the refurbishment of the dust-trapping screens in the north dock to improve air quality

Rubén Ibáñez: “We are a port 100% committed to environmental management and the implementation of mechanisms to reduce atmospheric pollution”

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PortCastelló hosts this weekend the ‘mini chef’ competition

The culinary competition, which has a total of 60 participants, is aimed at children aged 6 to 12

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Mota de cierre

PortCastelló kicks off the south dock expansion project with the start of work on the closing mote

The construction of the retaining wall will make Castellón the port of the Mediterranean seaboard with the largest surface area available to businesses

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Reunión innovación_1

PortCastelló leads a meeting to promote logistic innovation in the ports of the Comunitat

The collaboration between regional and general interest ports is a strategic opportunity of great importance

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Propeller Club Castellón

Castellón Propeller Club presents donation cheques to the Spanish Cancer Association of Castellón, the Cáritas charitable association and the Stella Maris network

The organisation holds its annual meeting and reaffirms its commitment to the development of the maritime and port sector

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superficies dársena sur 2024

The BOE publishes the management project for the development of a hub for the offshore wind industry in the southern dock

BOE has published the resolution to start the project for the coastal quay-north section area of the southern dock

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Fundación PortCastelló

The Board of Trustees of the PortCastelló Foundation expands its membership with the addition of four new partner companies

The management report for the first half of 2024 includes nearly a hundred actions related to participation in trade fairs, training talks, CSR and port-city integration

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Integración 112

PortCastelló improves the security of the port by becoming of the emergency service the autonomous regional government

The president of the Port Authority stated that “this advance in the integrated management of emergencies makes us the first Valencian port in the state port system to be integrated into the 112 emergency service”

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Charla RSC

PortCastelló to host a talk on the prevention of skin cancer

The doctor and educator Marta Izquierdo, stressed the importance of early diagnosis as a preventive measure

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Consejo de Administración_1

The board of directors of PortCastelló approves the start of the project for the depelopment of an offshore wind hub

This is the first step for the port of Castellón to become an international leader in these types of industries

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PortCastelló to remove citrus import subsidies

Rubén Ibáñez: “We are fulfilling our commitment to work together with the sector and that is why we are also maintaining the 40% export bonus”

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Cort de Port

“Cor del Port” has carried out a dozen social actions since its creation

The ‘Cor del Port’ committee, which was set up in March, now has a total of 38 members made up of sponsoring and collaborating companies

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Asociación Empresarial Eólica

The Spanish Wind Energy Association supports the development of an offshore wind hub in PortCastelló

Rubén Ibáñez has presented the development area of the project in the south dock of the port and its business opportunities

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PortCastelló highlights the uniqueness of Castellón to attract luxury cruise ships

The manager of the PortCastelló Foundation underlined the importance of these forums to “get to know the real interests of companies when they stop over in the Mediterranean”

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Freight traffic at PortCastelló up by 56% so far this year

The president Rubén Ibáñez has indicated that this positive performance of port traffic in the port of Castellón will continue to rise, “thanks to the productive infrastructures

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PortCastelló to hold a business conference n the road and rail connections that define the future of the port

Almost 100 professionals specialising in transport and logistics in the port area will meet at an event that will include renowned businesspeople from the province of Castellón

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Ibáñez announces that the investment in the port of Castellón for the next four years exceeds 760 million euros

The head of PortCastelló also reported the addition of two major companies in the south dock

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300 representatives from the world of politics and business set to attend the Lighthouse Awards of PortCastelló

The gala will recognise the work of a total of 10 award-winning organisations and projects in each of the nine categories

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Feria TOC en Rotterdam

PortCastelló strengthens its position with its participation in the TOC Europe fair in Rotterdam

• The head of the Expansion Department, Adolfo Noguero, explained that the objective is “to position ourselves on the international logistics map so that operators have us on their radar as an alternative to other more congested ports”

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PortCastelló takes the exclusivity of Castellón as a preferential destination for cruise tourism to Medcruise

The 64th edition of the MedCruise General Assembly brings together the main shipping and luxury cruise companies

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WhatsApp Image 2024-06-01 at 10.57.44

PortCastelló recovers 500 kilos of waste from the bottom of the sea with its first “Basuraleza” volunteering action

‘Basuraleza’ volunteer action, organised by the PortCastelló Foundation, in collaboration with Escorpa Club, has managed to recover a total of 476 kilos of waste dumped in the sea.

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WhatsApp Image 2024-06-07 at 11.06.28 (2)

PortCastelló promotes itself as a logistics platform at SIL Barcelona

The Port Authority of Castellón is attending the event to present major new developments in terms of productive investments

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MSC en el

The first MSC to call at PortCastelló linking the port with Morocco

Rubén Ibáñez has stressed the importance of recovering the world’s leading shipping line for the port of Castellón

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Jornadas Onda Logistic

Ibáñez: “PortCastelló is the largest logistics platform in the whole province of Castellón”

The Campaneta Cultural Factory in Onda successfully hosted the business conference ‘Industrial Intelligence: Why you Should Invest in Onda Logistic’

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Jornada con ASCER

Ibáñez supports the role of PortCastelló as a natural port of departure for ceramics from Castellón

The president of PortCastelló states that “the port and the sector are two allies, the fundamental leg for the economic growth of the province, which is why we must enhance synergies

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PortCastelló promotes a conference on Incoterms aimed at the province’s ceramics sector

The event will be attended by Marta Prado Larburu, PhD in Transnational Trade Law and Vice-President of the CLP Commission at ICC Spain

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Edificio APC con banderas (1)

PortCastelló ends the 2023 financial year as the highest investment year of the last decade

The Port Authority ends the year with a turnover of 25.7 million euros

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Concurso mini chef

PortCastelló backs the social revitilisation of the port with the 1st National Children’s cookery competition

‘Mini Chef’, aimed at children aged 6 to 12, will be held from 12 to 14 July at the Moll de Costa venue

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PortCastelló and the valencian safety agency carry out a drill in the port to improve coordination in the event of an emergency

The operation involved health services, safety forces, fire brigades and government bodies

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La lonja del cereal Barcelona

Ibáñez: “We want to be the leading port for feed producers in the Valencian Community and Aragón”

PortCastelló positions itself in the cereal market with its participation in the 33rd edition of the Mediterranean Cereal Exchange

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Cátedra Smart Ports

PortCastelló hosts the official presentation ceremony of the 1st Smart Ports Chair Awards of Jaume I University

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rubén Ibáñez, has highlighted the role of the Smart Ports Chair and Jaume I University in promoting innovation in the field of smart ports

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Portcastelló recovers MSC with a weekly service to Morocco

The aim of the port is to facilitate the export of finished products from the province’s ceramics industry to short-distance destinations

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Breakbulk 2024

PortCastelló presents its potential for the wind energy sector at breakbulk Europe

The aim is to create synergies with key companies in the value chain and promote growth and sustainable development.

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PortCastelló organises an oil spillage drill

The exercise consisted of the deployment of containment barriers and involved personnel from the Port Authority, Maritime Rescue and Consulmar

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Dársena sur

PortCastelló responds to liquid bulk traffic with a new rack at its south dock

The Port Authority has put the project out to tender for a base budget of 600,259 euros

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WhatsApp Image 2024-05-17 at 09.05.40

PortCastelló receives the olympic torch of the special olympics paddle tennis championship

The Port Authority sponsors the national championship that brings together fifty sportsmen and women with intellectual disabilities

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WhatsApp Image 2024-05-17 at 13.36.45

PortCastelló and Xarxatec joib forces to create an advisory board promote the development of the technology hub

The council, which will meet every six months, will be composed of representatives of the public administration and business associations

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Vista aérea puerto de Castellón

PortCastelló starts planning its growth and infrastructure deployment

The Port Authority is inviting tenders for technical assistance for the new Port Master Plan 2028-2050, with a base budget of 149,940 euros

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PortCastelló to issue a public invitation for the presentation of offshore wind projects in the south dock in a month’s time

The object of the concessions will be linked to the development of a hub for the offshore wind industry in the new expansion area of the port

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Reunión en A Coruña

The port of a Castellón and the port of a Coruña join forces to lead offshore wind energy in Spai

In the coming years, the two ports will account for 77% of the space in Spain used in this industry

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The cruise ship “World Traveller” arrives tomorrow at the port of Peñíscola carrying 172 passengers

The vessel, which is 126 metres long, will anchor in the waters in front of Peñíscola Castle

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PortCastelló doubles its freight traffic in six months

“Therefore, the port of Castellón has doubled its traffic in only half a year”, stated the president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rubén Ibáñez.

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Ibáñez: PortCastelló is a port of opportunities with ambitions to be a leader in short sea shipping

Logistics and maritime transport representatives met today at a conference that brought together around 70 professionals from the sector

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Buque con amarradores

Ibáñez: “PortCastelló is a port of opportunities with ambitions to be a leader in short sea shipping”

The president of the Port Authority highlighted the “excellent location, the availability of space and intermodality as its strong points to achieve this”

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PortCastelló improves safety with the renovation and expansion of its defibrillator network

The Port Authority has expanded the cardiac-protected area to eight units with a new defibrillator in the customer building

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Fuente del Centenario

PortCastelló starts work on the refurbishmente of the centenary fountain

The period for completion of the work, which was entrusted to the company Comsa Service Facility y Managementis four months

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Vista aérea intermodal

Rubén Ibáñez: “Logístics and the intermodal transport system will turn Castellón into a leading logistics city”

The president of the Port Authority emphasised the cooperation and understanding between authorities “working in the same direction”

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Cor del Port

PortCastelló creates a committee to promote social responsibility in the porte community

The “Cor del Port” committee will meet on a quarterly basis to promote the exchange of good practices and the development of social and environmental projects

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Consejo de administración

PortCastelló aproves an expression of interest for the installation of a hub at the port

Rubén Ibáñez: “We want to support the technological fabric of our province so that quality employment is created and to place the port of Castellón at the forefront of innovation

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Encuentro control Interno APs

PortCastelló participates in the 2nd conference on internal control of state ports

More than 70 heads of Audit and Internal Control from 26 Spanish Port Authorities and State Ports are meeting in Valencia to address the challenges of the Spanish port system using a governance model based on a culture of control, ethics and integrity.

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Genéricas (16)

PORTCASTELLÓ host a conference on the challenges and opportunities of short sea shipping in Castellón

The meeting will bring together more than 50 logistics and maritime transport professionals

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Reunión con Comisionado Corredor Mediterráneo

The government commissioner for the mediterranean corridor visits the railway works in PortCastelló

Rubén Ibáñez requests that these works be coordinated with the road access to the southern dock.

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PortCastelló reaffirms its commitment to work-life balance by renewing its certification as a Family-Responsible Company

The Port Authority is the second public administration in the Spanish port system and the only organisation in the province with this recognition

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PortCastelló welcomes “Seven Seas Splendor” putting Castellón on the luxury cruise ship map

Rubén Ibáñez: “A new era has begun, where Castellón will focus the attention of luxury cruises on passengers who want to enjoy unique experiences”

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2019_Memoria Anual 2018_Diario del Puerto (63)

PortCastelló backs ten innovative applications in the Ports 4.0 call for commercial projects

Castellón Port confirms its commitment towards excellence for a more sustainable and innovative maritime future.

The projects are related to water quality and waste, digitalisation and automation of port processes and operations and carbon footprint calculation

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Seatrade Miami

PortCastelló finalises a new cruise with 850 passengers with a stopover in Peñíscola in October

The Amera ship belonging to the Phoenix Reisen shipping company returns to the province with a cruise that includes excursions to Castellón, Peñíscola, Benicàssim, Morella, Cabanes and Traiguera

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Escala  2024-04-10 at 09.05.53

Castellón port welcomes 106,000 visitors thanks to a record-breaking edition of “Escala a Castelló”

The head of Security of the Port Authority, Luís Oria, highlighted the good coordination between all the security and health services in a “safe event in which there have been no significant incidents”

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WhatsApp Image 2024-04-07 at 12.03.55

PortCastelló closes the first quarter of the year with a 45% increase in freight traffic

March was the best month for solid bulk traffic in the last eight months

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Castalia_full electric_mooring a tanker_Company Consulmar

First zero-emissions mooring service for a tanker

Consulmar has achieved a remarkable milestone by successfully executing the world’s first zero-emissions mooring service for a tanker.

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WhatsApp Image 2024-04-04 at 9.00.55 PM

Ibáñez: “Escala a Castelló put Castellón and our port on the national tourist map”

Reception of the boats participating in a new edition of “Escala a Castelló”

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Desembarque arcillas en Portsur

PortCastelló receives the first ship with clay from Ukraine since war broke out

The Super Bergkamp ship carries a cargo of 52,000 tonnes of clay destined for the ceramics industry

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Foto comité cruceros

PortCastelló starts preparations to receive the first cruise ship of the year

Rubén Ibáñez: “It is an opportunity for the future of our port and tourism in Castellón to have managed to ensure that the programme of activities includes a total of twenty excursions to different towns in the province”

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Grau de Circ

“Grau de Circ” will perform from 29 to 31 March in the Port of Castellón

The fifth edition of the Grau de Circ Festival will once again turn the Panderola and Sète squares in the maritime district into two circus rings.

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WhatsApp Image 2024-03-27 at 2.44.34 PM

PortCastelló will contribute 7,000 m3 of sand to Almassora beach this summer

The mayoress of Almassora, María Tormo, has met with the president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rubén Ibáñez; the director general of Costas de la Comunitat Valenciana, Vicente Martínez Mus; and the head of the Provincial Coastal Service in Castellón, Leonardo Monzonis.

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PortCastelló moves forward in its digitalisation strategy with the “launch” of three new digital transformation projects

The digitalisation of the port of Castellón will allow the adoption of innovative models, oriented towards user service, in order to increase their efficiency

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Comisión puerto-ciudad

PortCastelló and the City Council form a port-city commision to bring the port closer to the citizens

It forms a channel of permanent bimonthly communication that will enable both entities to lead and channel common initiatives

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Wind Europe

PortCastelló attracts offshore wind industry operators at WindEurope

The surface area available in the Port of Castellon and its strategic location make it the solution of choice for businesses in Mediterranean countries such as Italy and France

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PortCastelló hosts meeting to coordinate safety and security arrangements fot 7th Escala a Castelló

Participants included local, national and regional law enforcement agencies, the Fire Brigade, the Red Cross, the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Society and Civil Defence

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Manuel García, Rubén Ibáñez, Arantxa Barrachina y Adolfo Noguero con Juan Feijoo de Ferrovial

PortCastelló is at WindEurope to position itself as the seaport of choice for the wind industry

Rubén Ibáñez: “The purpose is to attract companies to build components for producing wind turbine parts”

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PortCastelló invests over €514,000 in wheel washers to prevent particles spreading into sorrounding areas

The wheel washers are at the port’s North and South Docks

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PortCastelló grows goods throughout by 6.6%

The Port of Castellon mainly imports from and exports to the United States, Brazil, Angola, Malta and Bulgaria.

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Foto aérea PortCastelló

PortCastelló moves forward in drawing up strategic plan to set the port’s roadmap for the next five years

The Port Authority has put the project out to tender for €160,000

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PortCastelló awards Centenary Fountain renovation to COMSA for €273,535

Ibáñez: “We can only enhance port-city integration through an attractive appearance consistent with our surroundings and up to the standard the people of Castellon deserve”

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Muelle transversal

Work on upgrading PortCastelló’s outer transversal quay proceeds apace

The project has a €7.3 million budget and a 12-month completion period

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PortCastelló’s regular container line with the Canary Islands

The service is delivered by Maghreb Container International SL (MCI)

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PortCastelló allocates 66% of its rebates to the ceramic tile industry

Ibáñez: “the Port of Castellon is a port working for the ceramic tile industry, it is the industry’s natural port and if we pride ourselves on that ceramic tile DNA, our port has to be the sector’s logical operator”

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PortCastelló builds on its commitment to digital transformation with eight new smart meters

The meters fitted at various points around the port will help to make the port area’s electricity usage more efficient

Ibáñez: “Deploying these meters is a major step in upgrading our infrastructures and a significant breakthrough in resource management”

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Visita Conseller Aguirre

PortCastelló and Regional Ministry of Agriculture team up to make Castellon’s production sectors more viable

Ibáñez: “We say loud and clear that Castellon’s products are a priority for the Regional Ministry and for the port, and in this respect the two authorities will stand together”

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Consejo APC 23-02-2024 (2)

Board of Directors agrees decision to review rebates for production sectors in next Business Plan

• The governing body’s meeting begins with a minute’s silence for the victims of yesterday’s fire in Valencia
• The Board approves the amendment of Terminal Marítima del Grao S.L., (TMG) concession activities at the Ceramic Quay to include general cargo

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PortCastelló invests €194,229 in upgrading the port area’s accessibility

The project includes access ramps to the children’s play area on the Costa Quay plus parking spaces for people with reduced mobility

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Pantallas atrapapolvo

South dock fitted with dust-trapping screems to prevent particles from blowing into surrounding areas

PortCastelló invests over €1.2 million in installing these screens at both docks and on the Outer Transversal Quay

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Estación intermodal interna

PortCastelló completes its internal rail network

The Port Authority finishes work on the marshalling yard at the South Dock. The contract was awarded to the Red Ferroviaria Dársena Sur consortium for €5,644,383.09.

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Premio Faro PortCastelló

Faro Awards jury chooses winners of the 9th awards

The Board of Directors will this week endorse the names of the winning entries in the nine categories

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WhatsApp Image 2024-02-16 at 11.38.55 (1)

Ibáñez: “All rebates for the province’s strategic sectors should be reviewed to bring them into line with the current situation”

• The Chairman of the Port Authority reiterated the Port of Castellon’s support and understanding for farmers’ organisations at a fresh meeting with Unió and AVA – ASAJA
• Review of the rebates is already on the agenda of the first PortCastelló Board of Directors meeting of the year

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Protestas agricultores

Rubén Ibáñez confirms his support for farmers in their protests at the access gates to the port

 The Chairman of the Port Authority of Castellon meets farming leaders

 Ibáñez states: “We are open to dialogue” and will be suggesting a review of the current rebates to the Board of Directors

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Libro de honor

Valencian Government steps up its commitment to a technology hub in the former cinemas on PortCastelló’s Costa quay

The Chairman of the Port Authority and the Regional Minister for Innovation sign a memorandum of understanding which “will put the city of Castellon on the innovation and technology map”

The initiative has been allocated €100,000 in the Valencian Government’s budget for drafting the project

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2024-02-13 concierto Manzanero Moll de Costa (1)

PortCastelló enhances port and city links with a concert by Juan Pablo Manzanero in Moll de Costa hall

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Over twenty companies submit entries for the 2024 Faro Awards

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Palas eólicas

PortCastelló to become floating offshore wind power hub in the Mediterranean

The land it has available and its diversification strategy are crucial to developing new infrastructure and attracting new traffic

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Port Authority to upgrade outdoor lighting at south dock and in recreational area

PortCastelló invites bids for the contract which has an initial tender budget of €715,013.71

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PortCastelló to partner Introducing Castellón Business Product Club to build on the port’s cruise tourism appeal

Rubén Ibáñez: “We are going to continue to strive to put Castellon on the cruise map and further establish our port as a call of excellence for cruise lines”

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Visita FUE

Chairman of the Port Authority underscores PortCastelló’s commitment to goods diversification

Rubén Ibáñez: “This is exactly the right time for us to raise the bar and our immediate goal is to bring in new goods traffic”

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Rubén Ibáñez con AVA-ASAJA

Meeting between the Port Authority chairman and AVA-ASAVA representatives

Rubén Ibáñez: “We will continue to work closely with local producers to address new challenges”

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The Director of the Port of Castellon, Manuel García, is committed to the opportunities to be generated by the new expansion area at the South Dock and road and rail connectivity infrastructures

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Goods throughput down by 27% in PortCastelló due to shrinking international trade and armed conflicts

 Rubén Ibáñez points out that the last quarter saw a steady rise in solid and liquid bulk
 Rubén Ibáñez is confident that the new expansion area in the South Dock and increases in connectivity infrastructure will be the catalyst to attract more throughput and shipping companies to the Port of Castellon

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Castellón Cruise Club

PortCastelló brings together Castellón Cruise Club at Fitur to promote cruise tourism

The goal is to attract more cruise calls to the Port of Castellon and share the province’s destination options with shipping companies

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7.000 cruise passengers to visit Castellón and its province over the next two years

PortCastelló confirms two cruise ship calls at Fitur, bringing the total number for the next two years to ten

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Autoridad Portuaria de Castellón

PortCastelló backs CSR projects

Port Authority of Castellon announces new public call for non-profit organisations to support cultural and/or sports projects

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2022_02_21 Alumbrado dársena norte (1)

The Port Authority reduces its carbon footprint by 12%

Recognising the organisation’s efforts to fight climate change

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Two companies bid to build the Enclosing Breakwater at PortCastelló’s South Dock

The initiative has a €5.3 million budget . This is the first step in shaping the Port of Castellon’s new expansion area

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Manifiesto por la economía de Castellón

PortCastelló signs up to manifesto to sustain Castellón’s economy

The PortCastelló Chairman, Rubén Ibáñez, attends the event held at the CEOE’s headquarters in Madrid. “The port is a key sector in the growth of Castellon’s economy”

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Reunión APC con Unió de Llauradors

Chairman of the Port Authority of Castellon sets out his commitment to the citrus fruit sector

He calls a meeting to brief industry leaders on the rebate policy approved by the organisation

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Fundación PortCastelló (1)

PortCastelló Foundation increases its number of patrons and partners by 75%

The organisation has rolled out 54 initiatives with the participation of 4,500 attendees

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2016_04_08 (2)

PortCastelló announces 9th Faro Awards

The initiative aims to reinforce the sense of belonging to the Port Community, contribute to public recognition of innovative initiatives in different areas and recognise the merits of the work carried out.

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PortCastelló, MSC and Noatum discuss conditions for the shipping company’s potential return to Castellon

This meeting culminates a number of contacts held by the Port Authority of Castellon to ease the return of container lines to its port

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PortCastelló takes part in a project for controlling noise and atmospheric pollution in the port area

The Port Authority is involved as a facilitator in the Crystal-Lung project which is to be run over three years and has a budget of €886,648.13

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Recepción buque Shipper nueva línea MEDKON (1)

PortCastelló welcomes the Shipper

It is the first ship of the new scheduled Mediterranean-Black Sea Ro-Ro Service line

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