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The new valuation for PortCastelló brings savings of €750,000 for its concessionaires

20 September 2023

The Port Authority of Castellon has begun to apply the new port land values, which means an average reduction of 13% in the occupancy charge for concessionaires and authorisation holders, bringing savings of around €750,000 per year.

The Port of Castellon currently has about 200 concessions, and 70% of them will benefit from the new occupancy charge rates for the land and water surface in the port’s service area and the land used for maritime signalling, such as lighthouses. The new values have a direct impact on the occupancy charge paid by the companies that set up operations in the port facility.

The Chairman of the Port Authority of Castellon, Rubén Ibáñez, has assured that the new rates “will attract new investments to PortCastelló, will make the port more competitive and will facilitate and boost private initiatives in the port. On one hand, our concessionaires will benefit from significant savings and, on the other, the port will become more attractive to potential investors as its charges will be more competitive.”

Along these lines, Rubén Ibáñez pointed out that the new valuation comes on top of the fact that the Port of Castellon is the port which currently has the most square metres of land available in the entire Mediterranean arc for new clients and industries to set up business. “We are in a position to offer land at very competitive prices,” said the Port Authority Chairman.

On 20th June, the Official State Gazette published the order approving the new valuation for the land and water surface in the service area as well as for the maritime signalling areas at the Port of Castellon. Since then, the new values have been applied to benefit the companies that make up the Port Community.

It should be remembered that the value of the land and water in the port’s service area and the land used for the maritime signalling areas must be established to calculate the occupancy charge, which is payable to the Port Authority for the occupancy of public port land. This value is defined according to market criteria.

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