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Rubén Ibáñez highlights PortCastello’s projects to “Champion digital transformation in the port system”

9 November 2023

Jornadas Digitalización

The Chairman of PortCastelló, Rubén Ibáñez, stated that digitalisation is one of the cornerstones of “our Strategic Plan and we are working hard to champion digital transformation in the port system”. Indeed, the Port of Castellon was the first in the port system to embed digital transformation into its strategy.

Rubén Ibáñez pointed out that competitiveness in seaports is closely tied to digitalisation and “ports as links in the logistics chain need to spearhead this process.”

The digital transformation which PortCastelló is undertaking embraces new models to become more efficient, innovative and service-oriented for users, anchored in a Smart Port concept. During the conference, some of the projects which will have a direct impact on the Port Community were showcased, including the Port Community System platform and the e-office platform. “These projects are designed to turn us into an interconnected port and to make us a Smart Port,” commented Rubén Ibáñez.

Next year will see the conclusive breakthrough for the digital transformation the Port Authority of Castellon is undertaking to stay competitive, improve efficiency, lessen the environmental impact of port operations and step up safety and security.

Rubén Ibáñez stressed that “digital transformation is not an option but rather a necessity; it is a present to secure the future.”

The conference has been organised by the PortCastelló Foundation and seeks to further deepen ties with the Port Community and keep them up to speed with the progress of projects which will enhance processes.


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