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PortCastelló suffers from international instability in goods traffic

8 February 2023

Goods traffic in the Port of Castellon fell by 32.9% to 1,396,770 tonnes in January compared with the same month in 2022. This figure confirms the downward trend of PortCastelló in recent months.

The decline was noticeable in all types of goods. Solid bulk traffic was the worst affected, with a 41.3% drop, registering 637,990 tonnes in January. Liquid bulk traffic fell by 22.5% to 672,000 tonnes. Finally, general cargo decreased by 30.3% to 85,999 tonnes.

Based on this data, liquid bulk accounted for 48.2% of Port Castelló’s total traffic, followed by solid bulk, which accounted for 45.7%, and general cargo, which was 6.1% of the total.

The main goods handled in the Port of Castellon in January were crude oil, feldspar, coke, petrol, kaolin and clays, in that order.

On the other hand, the main trade destinations for the Port of Castellon so far this year have been Kazakhstan, Turkey, Libya and Morocco.

The Chairman of the Port Authority of Castellon, Rafa Simó, expressed his concern about the downward trend in goods traffic in the Port of Castellon. However, he has highlighted the fact that January 2022 was an exceptional month in terms of goods traffic, especially in solid bulk, due to the strength of the ceramic tile industry.

Rafa Simó does not expect a rapid recovery in terms of traffic throughput, but he is confident that the strategic projects promoted by the Port Authority will give PortCastelló a boost. “We are convinced that the production infrastructures that are already underway to consolidate connectivity, as well as the potential for the implementation of new industries in the South Dock through the Octopus project, will boost our competitiveness and attract new customers to the Port of Castellon.

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