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PortCastelló moves forward in the development of a geographic information system (GIS)

24 October 2023


The Port Authority of Castellon aims to develop a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) to manage, analyse and cartographically represent all types of geo-referenced data. The objective is to make operational decisions on a collaborative, agile and efficient basis. Its implementation is part of PortCastelló’s Strategic Plan. The technical assistance has been put out to tender for an amount of €432,155.58 (VAT included) and has a three-year completion period.

The GIS platform is a tool that combines operational and geographical databases, enabling georeferenced information on dock operations and management to be obtained in real time, as well as reading, editing, storing and managing this geospatial data for analysis.

This new project is part of the Port of Castellon’s digital transformation process and aims to leverage digital transformation and new technologies to improve its positioning and competitiveness.

GIS implementation at PortCastelló is the first step towards creating a digital twin of the port, which will provide a georeferenced virtual representation of the real world, including physical elements and the organisation’s management processes in a collaborative environment, with a view to advanced and automated analysis that can help decision-making.

“PortCastelló wants to use digital transformation and new technologies as ways to improve the positioning and competitiveness of the port”, explained Rubén Ibáñez, Chairman of the Port Authority of Castellon.

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