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ATC conference to set out benefits of exporting through PortCastelló

3 October 2023

PortCastelló is the strategic partner of the ceramic-tile cluster. This is the message the Chairman of the Port Authority of Castellon, Rubén Ibáñez, conveyed to the Chairman of the Spanish Association of Ceramic Technicians (ATC), Juan José Montoro, after their meeting that served to put the finishing touches to a conference to be hosted in PortCastelló and which is expected to be attended by a hundred professionals from the Castellon ceramic-tile industry.

The conference entitled “Large ceramic tiles and marketing as a means for market outreach” is to take place on 5-6 October in the Port Authority of Castellon assembly hall. The initiative is designed to raise awareness of large ceramic-tile technology and will be a chance to promote the Port of Castellon as a partner in exporting these kinds of pieces.

“The Port of Castellon needs to be a hub not only for importing the industry’s raw materials but also for shipping its outputs, especially in these large sizes which calls for special transport conditions due to their dimensions, and the closer the departure point is to the factory, the better,” argued Rubén Ibáñez.

Rubén Ibáñez underscored the advantages for the ceramic-tile cluster of operating out of the Port of Castellon “and how we are going to seek advantageous ways for businesses to get their production from their factories to their customers anywhere in the world.”

He also reiterated his intention to ensure that new container lines call at the Port of Castellon to step up connectivity with foreign countries.

The conference is taking place in the run-up to the 17th International Conference of Ceramic Technicians to be held in the Auditorium on 16-17 November with the backing of the Port of Castellon.

The Chairman of the ATC, Juan José Montoro, says that after two years of sustained efforts it will be a conference to bring together “leading experts from very different parts of the world to unpack the most innovative technological and scientific trends in the ceramic-tile industry and how to tackle the changes stemming from digital transformation, energy, the environment, artificial intelligence and competitiveness.”

The event, entitled ‘Beyond 4.0’, will also address many other issues including “the need to implement measures to coordinate the cluster with the aim of uniting it and streamlining the idea that together we are strong. Whether we are big or small, with domestic or foreign capital, when we are united, we are strong.”

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