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Adif, Ports of Spain and the Port Authority of Castellon promote the construction of the new southern rail access

20 January 2023

Convenio accesos puerto

Adif, Ports of Spain and the Port Authority of Castellon (APC) have signed an agreement to undertake a series of projects that will create the new southern rail access to the Port of Castellon.


The agreement was signed today in Madrid by the Chairwoman of Adif, María Luisa Domínguez, the Chairman of Ports of Spain, Álvaro Rodríguez, and the Chairman of the APC, Rafael Simó.


The agreement includes projects and works totalling €132 million. Adif will be investing €71.7 million whilst the remaining €60.3 million will be paid by the APC. Establishing the funding conditions was also one of the main objectives of the agreement signed today.


The projects included in the agreement consist of building the platform and track works on Section II, which will be a 3.6 km stretch starting outside the Port at the end of Section I and running into the Port’s internal network. Work will also be carried out to build the 8.3 km of track for sections I and II, and on electrification (sections I and II), the new electrical substation and the project drafting and deployment of the safety and communications infrastructure as well as a train reversing facility.


Most of these projects will be funded by the Spanish Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by the European Union’s NextGenerationEU initiative.


Meanwhile, Adif is already making progress on the 4.7 km Section I of the new southern rail access, with a tendered investment of €100.1 million. This section will run between the Mediterranean Corridor and the western end of the future intermodal station, connecting with the beginning of Section II. This project is also being funded by the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.


The construction of the new southern rail access to the port facilities is part of the commitment made by the Spanish Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (Mitma) to promote rail-port connectivity as a strategic factor to consolidate Spanish ports as benchmark logistics platforms in southern Europe.

The second aim of this investment is to make these logistics platforms more competitive and to become pull factors for private investment.

The new rail access to the Port of Castellon is also a relevant initiative in developing the Mediterranean Corridor, as it will provide a direct connection to this strategic infrastructure, increasing rail freight as a more efficient, competitive, and sustainable transport alternative.

Intermodal station

The APC is currently drafting the construction project for the intermodal station, which will be located on the new southern rail access to the Port of Castellon.


The investment for its development does not come under the scope of today’s agreement, although the compulsory purchase of part of the land used to build it, as well as the construction of part of the platform, do come under the initiatives covered by the agreement, as they are part of the platform project for Section II of the new rail access and are closely related to future operations.


Project development

The new rail access to the Port of Castellon consists of an access branch from the Mediterranean Corridor, made up of one section outside the port, which is part of the Spanish Public Rail Network, managed by Adif, and another section which will be part of the port’s public internal network, managed by the APC. This operational system will have to be ratified in a subsequent connection agreement.

This new southern freight-only link is 8.3 km long. It will have a single electrified track and will be mixed gauge, facilitating rail freight access to the port on trains up to 750 m long.

A mixed gauge track has already been laid on the southbound (inland side) track 1 of the Castellon-Almassora section of the Mediterranean Corridor, and the phase 0 works on the platform for the new southern rail access have already been completed.


The planned works also include a reversing facility in the vicinity of the access branch to enable northbound movements, foreseeably near Vila-real station, located just over 7 km south of Castellon station.


Other initiatives at the Port of Castellon

This Section I investment must be added to the €3.5 million earmarked for technical assistance and works control of the section, which is currently at the tendering stage.

Likewise, the public information period has begun on the project to build the second 3.6 km long platform section of the new access to the Port of Castellon. This will complete the final approval phase of the project for the subsequent tendering of the works.

All these projects contribute to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure) and goals 9.1 (build resilient infrastructure) and 9.4 (upgrading infrastructure) in particular.



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