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Traffic at Port of Castelló grows a 12,3% in the first quarter of the year

13 April 2022

Port Castelló closes its year growing by 12,3%, compared to the same quarter of the previous year in merchandise traffic and registers 5.413.135 tons.

This figure is due to the good behavior of solid bulks, which increased 43,4%, in the accumulated figure, reaching 2.679.823 tons. On the contrary, liquid bulk traffic decreases a 1,9%, with a total  f 2.418.960 tons, and general merchandise traffic by 34,6%, with 314,667 tons.

According to the data, the type of data with the greatest weight so far this year in the Port of Castelló is solid bulk, which represents 49,4%, followed by the liquid bulk which represents 44,8%, and finally, the last merchandise, which represents 5,8% of the total.

The most significant goods in the Port of Castelló are crude oil, feldspar, clay, fuel oil, gasoline, kaolin and coke. Of these, the ones which have grown most until March are kaolin (91%), feldspar (53,6%), and clays (43, 6%).

The main countries with which Port of Castelló maintains a commercial relationship are Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Libya and Morocco.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rafa Simó, has positively assessed the data, however he has referred to the possible effects the Russian invasion may have on the port of Castellón.

This country occupied in 2021, the third position in Port of Castellón, accounting for 8,4% of the total movement, mostly related to the import of clay. Russia ranked sixth in importance for the port of Castellón, accounting for 5,6% of the total traffic.

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