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The president of Puertos del Estado is interested in the development of the south dock of the port of Castellón

28 February 2022

The president of Puertos del Estado, Álvaro Rodríguez Dapena, visited the port of Castellón today to learn first-hand about its strategic projects. The visit began with a working meeting with the Management Committee, the Company Committee and representatives of the Port Community, in which the president of PortCastelló, Rafa Simó, outlined the state of the productive infrastructures promoted to gain competitiveness and efficiency in land and rail connectivity.

The launch and enhancement of the south dock has also been addressed thanks to the Octopus project, which will facilitate attracting new investments to increase the productive fabric of Castellón. This project involves gaining 420,000 m2 from the sea which, added to the land already available, will mean 700,000 m2 to develop industrial projects that will help consolidate the Castellón port area as an industrial and chemical enclave focused on new technologies and sustainable fuels.

Rafa Simó highlighted the PortCastelló 2030 challenge during the meeting, which aims to reach 30 million tons of freight traffic for that year, 30 million external investment per year, develop 30 social projects per year, as well as reduce 30% energy consumption and 30% emissions.

The president of Puertos del Estado, for his part, highlighted the great interest and involvement shown by the Port Community in the development of all projects, “the contribution of private initiative is essential to meet the challenges we face ”.

After this meeting, the President of the State Ports has toured the two docks of PortCastelló to see in situ the environmental protection actions of the port, such as particle meters, windbreak screens and wheel washers for trucks that transport goods in the port. inside the enclosure.

Lastly, Álvaro Rodríguez has signed the Port Authority’s Book of Honor and has participated in the Board of Directors..


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