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The PortCastelló Foundation will promote training and social events in the port

23 June 2022


The PortCastelló Foundation has gathered its Board of Trustees today to report on the new lines of action that the entity will develop from now on.

Thus, it will focus its main actions on the educational and social spheres of the port of Castellón, will continue to carry out activities to attract cruise ships and will offer support to the Department of Expansion of the Port Authority of Castellón, focused on the expansion of lines and traffic, the marketing of available land in the south dock and the international enhancement of the port’s know-how.

In this way, the PortCastelló Foundation begins a new journey with the aim of expanding the leisure offer of the port with actions that promote the line undertaken at the end of last year with the Al Port initiative, which aims to promote rapprochement and dialogue with the society through an attractive, dynamic and leisure program on its sea front.

In addition, it will promote solidarity and CSR actions in line with PortCastelló’s firm commitment to integrating Social Responsibility with the development of the port’s own commercial activity.

The Foundation will also focus on sealing alliances with organizations and entities related to the field of training in the maritime-fishing sector, with the aim of offering its own training in the future. It must be remembered that the port of Castellón has already signed various agreements to strengthen this type of training demanded by surrounding companies.

Among them, the one reached with the Chamber of Commerce of Castellón stands out to offer sailor-fisherman courses, as well as with the Ministry of Education to make the construction of an Integrated Center for Professional Training a reality to promote the training of the professional maritime-fishing family. .

The president of the Foundation, Rafa Simó, has informed the patrons of the meetings held so far this year with logistics operators, shipping companies and companies in the cruise sector, as well as the attendance at fairs, in order to value the role of the port of Castellón. Lastly, the Foundation will continue to develop its commercial policy for attracting cruise ships in the port of Castellón.

On the other hand, the PortCastelló Foundation has delivered a commemorative plaque to Miguel Rojo, who will retire next September as manager of the organization, a position he has held since October 2015.

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