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The Castellón Port Authority expands the functionality of its Port Community System with the incorporation of paperless release for exports for vehicles

19 December 2022

The Port Community of Castellón can now manage the export of vehicles in a more agile way thanks to the electronic exchange of information offered by the LSPE service implemented by Portel in the Port Community System of the port of Castellón. In this way, the Port Authority makes available to its users the possibility of exchanging vehicle loading and unloading lists automatically between consignees, terminals and customs. This is yet another milestone in compliance with the digital transformation strategy defined in the PortCastelló Strategic Plan.

This exchange can be done via web interface or via electronic messaging in EDIFACT or XML format, consulting the customs data service in real time, the customs status of each of the vehicles included in the lists. The fluidity of the customs information provided by the LSPE service, either in loading and unloading lists or in queries regarding isolated vehicle releases, is highly relevant in this type of operation. This is a proven fact in the management of the container export procedure through the same LSPE service implemented for years in the port.

Users must upload the vehicle data only once and, from there, it will be made available not only to the rest of the users involved but also to other processes that need it, with the aim of making use of and sharing the data. For example, for the generation of the corresponding cargo manifest.

For its part, customs will have access at all times to the exchanged lists and the final loading order that is sent to the terminal. You will also be able to verify the vehicles definitely loaded on the ship and control discrepancies. All this will enable a more agile and efficient management of the export process of vehicles leaving the port of Castellón.

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