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Siport21 is awarded the study that will assess the impact of “Delphinidae” in the Port of Castelló

4 July 2022

04-07-2022.¡ The Castelló Port Authority has awarded the study that will assess the impact of the “Delphinidae” project to the company Siport21. With an amount of 325,000 euros and a term of execution of 6 months, it is the case of one of the simulation work in real time of a major entity commissioned by a Spanish port authority.

The study will analyze the current configuration of the port and its future configurations that contemplate the new expansion area of the southern dock and the construction of a new moll, which will bear the name of “Delphinidae”. The project will determine the maximum operational limits, the maximum length of the vessels that can dock in each of them and the limit conditions of sale and onage.

Per això, the necessary navigable space will be assessed (access channel, stopping distance, spaces per turn and mooring phase cap to the destination moll) depending on the meteorological conditions of the area and occupation of adjacent molls . As a result of the study, a series of recommendations will be established regarding the operating limits for the representative meteorological conditions of the area and the use of tugboats.

The project contemplates more than 450 simulations of vaixells maneuvers with autopilot models and in real time at the Center for Maritime Simulation of Siport21. The involvement of Pràctics and personnel from the Port Maritime Captaincy is foreseen to verify the obtained results and to familiarize them with the maneuvers of our changes and the following conditions of access, which will allow the security conditions to improve.

“Delphinidae” will promote the competitiveness of the Port of Castelló as well as attracting new industries and traffic.


With more than 20 years of experience, Siport21 is a maritime-port consultancy specializing in the study of shipping behaviour. These installations include a Vaixells Maneuver Simulation Center in Real Time certified by DNV-GL, both for the realization of projects and the training of Merchant Marine personnel.

Up to date, more than 1,300 studies have been carried out in 53 countries. In addition, it has trained more than 1,700 Marines from 50 international shipping companies at its Center d’Entrenament.

From this line of innovation, it has developed various programs related to the concept of SafeportInsignia registered around it and is involved in the creation of our products and services related to industry 4.0.




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