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Rafa Simó reviews the potential of PortCastelló at the Propeller Castellón

10 June 2022

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rafa Simó, has participated in a meeting with the Propeller Club Castellón, a forum in which he has broken down the present and future of PortCastelló and has detailed the productive investments undertaken in terms of connectivity to make the port of Castellón a competitive enclave for its customers.

In this sense, Rafa Simó has referred to the southern rail accesses, the connection between docks and the intermodal station as works that will strengthen the position of PortCastelló and that “will allow it to increase its capacities, operability and reduce costs to attract customers”. These projects will be underway in 2026, since they are financed by European MRR funds.

In addition, Rafa Simó has pointed out the Octopus project as a great growth opportunity for the port of Castellón, given that it will allow the installation of new companies in the 400,000 square meters that will be reclaimed from the sea and that it will have 800 linear meters of dock. An area that adds to the 420,000 meters already available in the south dock of the port of Castellón and that “will configure a new attractive space for new businesses and will give the final boost to the south dock”. The president has indicated that Octopus is already being marketed at fairs and logistics forums.

For this, a pact for competitiveness is necessary in which all port services are involved “to offer a quality service and a response to the needs of our users”.

Rafa Simó has reviewed the bonuses that the port of Castellón will apply in 2023, aimed mainly at the productive sectors of the province. A measure that PortCastelló can implement thanks to its profitability.

The president of PortCastelló shared with the members of the Propeller the Digital Transformation Plan, which promotes the port with an investment of 607,000 euros and for whose implementation the Port Community will be involved, “given that the objective is to provide a better service to the customers”.

Rafa Simó has reviewed the environmental protection measures to ensure that the port of Castellón is a good ally of its environment. “We want to grow, but in a sustainable way.” In this line, he has assured that our line of action “goes beyond applying what the law requires us to obtain social appreciation.”

Rafa Simó has offered the latest freight traffic data for the year, which reflects a growth of 16.7%, “which shows that the port of Castellón has a capacity even above previous records”. However, he has pointed out that “we have to look at these data with caution” due to the current situation arising from the war in Ukraine. In this line, he wanted to value the resilience of the ceramic sector.

He has pointed out the lines of work to promote the social, solidarity, training and leisure area of the Port Authority, with initiatives such as Al Port, sponsorship of cultural and sports entities, and support for the implementation of studies related to the maritime sector -port.

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