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PortCastelló will invest 579,000 euros in energy efficiency in its north dock

21 February 2022

Alumbrado dársena norte

The Port Authority of Castellón has put out to tender for 579,000 euros the supply and installation of exterior lighting and conditioning of the low-voltage network in its north dock. This investment is included in the energy efficiency plan for public lighting in PortCastelló, which was launched after drawing up a luminous flux map to obtain an initial diagnosis.

The energy efficiency plan aims to reduce energy consumption costs, improve areas with poor energy rating, establish average illuminance and point-to-point remote management.

The current lighting of the north dock is mostly made up of sodium vapor and metal halide discharge lamps, some of them high-powered, with the consequent energy consumption. These elements will be replaced by high-performance LED-type lights adapted to European standards, to carry out port activities with the maximum possible guarantees of safety and functionality. The new luminaires have the ENAC and ENEC PLUS certificates for optimal lighting efficiency and will be compatible with the remote management system recently installed in the port of Castellón.

The project also contemplates the installation of a charging post for electric vehicles, in addition to the conditioning and adaptation of the lighting panels of all transformation centers to current regulations.

In total, 416 lights of different powers will be installed for a total of 76 kW, which will reduce the installed power by 50% and will mean energy savings of 65%.

This investment in energy efficiency is linked to specific actions for the improvement and care of the environment in the port of Castellón and its surroundings. The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rafa Simó, has assured that “our commitment to the environment is firm” and for this reason our Business Plan includes actions to continue on the path of sustainable growth and aimed at protecting, reducing of emissions and an efficient use of energy”.

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