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PortCastelló will evaluate the loading capacity of its docks and esplanades

17 August 2022

The Port Authority of Castellón will analyze the bearing capacity limits of its docks and esplanades located in the north basin with the aim of analyzing the structural stability of the underlying caissons after being in service for several years.

It must be remembered that the entity executed these infrastructures years ago. Specifically, the interior transverse wharf in 1955, the Ceramics wharf in 1999 and the Centenary wharf in 2005. They were built by designing them as multi-purpose wharves and following the calculation bases established by the regulations in force at the time. However, over the years, the need to support higher loads has arisen, either due to the height and physical properties of the materials collected or due to the loading and unloading activity itself on the docks.

Geotechnical works involve the execution of ground surveys, sampling and tests both in-situ and in the laboratory. With all this information, a report will be drawn up in which the geotechnical parameters necessary to evaluate the behavior and stability of existing structures against new loads will be determined.

The geotechnical study for the report must determine in detail the characteristics of the terrain, the cladding and the esplanade in general, in such a way that it allows a complete evaluation of the stability of both the dock caissons and the esplanades in the face of increased loads. .

Thus, it is estimated that eleven land surveys and eleven dynamic penetration tests will be carried out.

The works will not affect the normal exploitation and activity of the docks, since they will be subject to the availability of the land and the field tests will be carried out when the esplanades are free of stockpiles.

This study is part of the preventive maintenance plan promoted by the port of Castellón to guarantee the safety of its facilities and avoid an extra cost of repair caused by late actions.

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