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PortCastelló suffers the current crisis situation and closes november witha a decrease in freight traffic

14 December 2022

Genérica PortCastelló

The current crisis situation is already making its effects felt in the activity of the port of Castellón, after two consecutive months with negative growth rates. The months of September and October registered decreases of 17% and 19% respectively with respect to the same month of the previous year.

Now, the data for November indicate a drop of 27.2% compared to November 2021, and it closes moving 1,413,724 tons of merchandise.

However, in the accumulated of the port of Castellón it maintains the merchandise traffic indices of 2021 and moves 19.4 million tons, which represents only a 0.3% decrease compared to 2021, in which the historical maximum of merchandise volume. So far this year, solid bulk traffic has increased by 3.6%, moving 8.8 million tons. It is followed by liquid bulk, with an increase of 0.4% and 9.3 million tons moved. On the contrary, general merchandise traffic decreased by 22.2%, with 1.4 million tons moved.

With these data, liquid bulk represents 47.9% of the traffic in the port of Castellón, followed by solid bulk, which represents 45% of the total traffic, while general merchandise has a weight of 7.1%.

The main goods moved in the port of Castellón so far this year are crude oil, feldspar, clay, gasoline, kaolin and fuel oil.

The main countries with which the port of Castellón maintains a commercial relationship are, in this order, Turkey, Canada, the United States, Romania, Libya and Italy.

The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, has indicated that “we are concerned that the current downward trend in freight traffic drags down the beginning of next year in the same way that it is doing with the end of 2022. That is why we hope that the economic uncertainty is clearing up so that our companies can continue using PortCastelló as a tool for growth. Meanwhile, we will continue working from the Port Authority to offer the best service”.

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