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PortCastelló strengthens ist means of preventionand fight against marien pollution

22 March 2022


The Port Authority of Castellón has opened an open tender procedure for 422,000 euros for the installation of a 400-meter containment barrier in the south dock, 300 meters of barriers for use in sheltered waters and 150 meters for use in open waters . The objective of this action is to have this type of means throughout the enclave and thus reinforce the means of prevention and fight against marine pollution currently existing in the port of Castellón.

PortCastelló currently has an oceanic barrier of 450 meters and weighing 2,400 kilos to combat possible spills and polluting spills in the water. It is the first of these characteristics that was installed in all of Spain and is located on the breakwater of the port of Castellón, at the height of the entrance. It is a self-inflating barrier, that is, it is fully expanded once it hits the water, and it is also versatile, which allows it to be used both within the port area and in open water.

This oceanic barrier is added to two other existing ones, with a total of 375 meters of containment, located in the inner dock and in the Iberdrola cooling channel.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rafa Simó, has pointed out that with these measures the port of Castellón is at the forefront of environmental protection and guarantees a safe and sustainable port. “With this action we will have containment barriers throughout the site and will allow us to completely isolate any of the port’s docks in the event of a polluting spill.”

The new tender also includes the work to eliminate the elements considered as waste generated throughout the project. The Port Authority of Castellón will complete these measures to protect and combat accidental marine pollution with anchors, absorbent kits, barrier protection elements during their laying and removal, individual protection equipment and a temporary deposit for the storage of hydrocarbons. It also includes a periodic equipment maintenance program and an annual drill, specific theoretical or practical training for personnel with functions in the fight against marine pollution.

These actions are added to other environmental protection actions carried out by the Port Authority of Castellón, such as the reduction of energy consumption, the installation of dust trap screens to prevent the dispersion of dusty particles into the air or the installation of two wheel washers, among others.

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