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PortCastelló renews its emblematic Moruno building

24 August 2022
Edificio Moruno


The Port Authority of Castellón has awarded the construction company Civicons for 115,064 euros the adaptation works of its Moruno building located in the Plaza del Mar. The works are scheduled to begin in October in order not to coincide with the summer season and will last for four months.

This action aims to optimize the conservation of the building and compliance with the recommendations regarding safety and health. Thus, actions are planned to reduce humidity, and the execution of an independent access passage to the area where the outdoor air conditioning units are located, so that maintenance operations can be carried out without undermining the uses of the building. . On the other hand, the renovation of exhibitors and luminaires is also contemplated in order to improve the exhibitions that it hosts throughout the year.

This emblematic Arab-style building built at the beginning of the 20th century has had various functions throughout its long existence and was originally built on the so-called Levante dock. At that time it was used as a crane repair shop and later as a shed for merchandise, offices, homes and a warehouse for boats. It was even used as a fish market between 1948 and 1949, as the attached photograph reflects.

Currently, the building has a large room where all kinds of activities are carried out, from exhibitions, conferences, presentations and conferences, among others. In addition, its outdoor pond hosts sailings of model ships throughout the year. The Port Authority has recently approved the concession of a part of the building as headquarters to the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Castellón.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rafa Simó, has pointed out the importance of enhancing this historic building in the Grau de Castelló and carrying out these improvement tasks “to adapt the room to the multitude of exhibitions and activities it hosts and give it more life”.

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